Monday, November 14, 2011

What is My Pet Peeve at Disney Destinations?

What is My Pet Peeve at Disney Destinations?

          So what bugs a Disney crazy person like me at Disneyland? Is it the long lines? Crowded locations? Screaming happy kids running all over the place?? Nope none of these bother me . . . much.

          What bothers me are the parents that yell at their kids. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones I'm talking about are the parents that yell at their kids the moment they get excited. "No! Don't laugh so loud and don't squeal with happiness!" What kill joys!!

          Now don't get me wrong, I believe kids need boundaries and should not be allowed to run wild through Disney Parks or anywhere else. Just realize when it is appropriate to let them run a bit. Also let them be happy when they see Mickey or their favorite character. I know kids get excited when they see their favorite character and they can hardly wait to run into their arms. I've seen plenty of parents hold them back and more than a few take their child away because they are excited.

          Once there was a 7-8 year old child in line ahead of my family as we waited to see a character. This little one was so excited to meet their favorite character! They could hardly contain themselves. They were jumping up and down in line and giggling, pointing each time they caught a glimpse of the beloved character. Their excitement spilled over onto me and made me smile all the more. The child was not hurting anyone, nor were they yelling overly loud. They were just showing childish excitement well within what I would call acceptable and expected limits. (They were being careful not to bump into people. They were not screaming overly loud and not running all over the place. They were staying with their parents.) The parents told the child to stop all noise and bouncing and stand totally still. The child, in their excitement could not. Still the child was within what I would call acceptable limits. The parents removed the child from line and left with a crying, screaming and what I would consider out of control child. Why would parents do that??

          May I suggest if you can't take your child laughing and being bouncy then don't do them the harm and disservice of taking them to a Disney Park. You may think you are doing them a favor and fulfilling your duty as a parent by taking them but you are not. You are ruining the fun for them not giving them joy. If you can't let them get a little crazy then don't take them! Let the grandparents, Aunts, Uncles or other family member or friend take them!

          Another option for you and your kid, if you still want to take them is make sure you know where you can let the kid run free with you losing your mind. Try places like Tom Sawyers Island or Challenge Trail. Both of these areas have one way in and out. You can sit by the exit while the kids safely run off and play if they are old enough for independent play. You can also follow them around and watch from a distance. The idea is let the kid burn off some of the energy and be a kid.

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