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Special Themed Nights on the Disney Cruise

Special Themed Nights on the Disney Cruise

Golden Mickeys/Formal Night, Captains Gala/Semi Formal Night, &

Pirates In the Caribbean Deck Party Night

       When you go on a 7 night cruise on any of the Disney ships there are some very special nights. Shorter cruises have a limited number of these special nights. All the restaurants on the ship have the same menu on themed nights. On these nights you may want to dress up very formal, semi formal or get out your best pirate gear depending on the theme of the night! You will find it is not just dinner time that is special it is the entire evening including the entertainment. The entire evening is planned to heighten anticipation of the final event, the show.
       On Formal Night you get out your formal best and head out to dinner and an Oscar style awards stage show, the Golden Mickeys! Before dinner you can get your pictures taken with the Captain of the ship and Mickey & Minnie in their formal best. You don’t have to dress up in evening gowns and tuxes to go to this meal or show but it is fun to dress up special for this event. If you want to dress up but don’t have formal wear then a nice dress/pant suit for ladies and a suit and tie for men is more than acceptable. If you can’t dress up for the evening don’t worry they will not stop you from enjoying dinner and the show. Just dress in nice casual attire if you don’t feel like dressing up. Minnie does look stunning in her evening gown and Mickey is so hansom in his tux! If you have 1st seating you will see the show shortly after dinner so enjoy your meal then head over to the Walt Disney theater for the red carpet event! If you have 2nd seating for dinner you will see the show then enjoy a leisurely meal. The Golden Mickeys is really a fun show full of surprises and laughs. The fun does not end after the show! There are family and adult after parties to attend with music and dancing.

       Semi Formal Night is the Captains Gala. Again dress for dinner is a little more formal and fancy than normal and less formal than formal night. You don’t have to dress up to enjoy the meal but again it is fun. Dinner is followed by the show, Dreams, an Enchanted Classic. Dreams is a fanciful tale of a young girls struggle with the decision to put childhood behind or continue to believe in her imagination. All the classic Disney characters have a part in helping her decide.

       Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party is held on the all the Disney ships. It is an entire evening of Pirate Plundering fun! In my opinion this is the most fun of all the nights on the ship! It is usually the most anticipated and participated in evening event on the ship next to the Golden Mickeys. Some people even bring their own costumes for the evening. Simplicity has patterns for the Disney Pirates in the Caribbean movie costumes that don’t look that hard to make. An old t-shirt and ragged pants with an eye patch will do if you don’t want to fuss to much.

On Pirates Night Dinner is a pirate feast in all the restaurants. Your servers dress the parts and join the fun helping you and the kids get your pirate best on. They even give you a pirate bandana to wear and then take home! They start the party off in the dining room then move it to the pool deck! After dinner make your way, I suggest quickly to the family pool area to find a spot for the party. You will want a place where you can see the sky easily. We found the deck above the pool next to the railing offers a wonderful view of the stage and fireworks. Downside to this is you are on the edge of the fun not in the middle and the characters don’t come up to that during the party.

First they will have some fun with the kids playing the Pirates of the Caribbean Wii game on the huge funnel vision screen. They will do their pirate best to help Jack Sparrow or Barbosa become Captain! After the game the party starts with your pirate crew hosting a wild and crazy dance party. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to dance they will show you some moves! Famous Disney pirates come and join the fun but don’t worry Captain Mickey will show up to save the day and you will see a real party in the sky with fireworks at sea! Disney is the only cruise line to do fireworks at sea. Dancing continues after the fireworks.

After the Pirate Deck Party they may show one of the Pirates in the Caribbean movies on the funnel vision screen. They put out snacks and set up lounge chairs so you can cuddle down under a blanket and watch the movie under the stars. What a fantastic way to end the night!!

So join the fun on these special nights and if you wish bring special outfits for them. No matter what your taste I’m sure you will find one or all of these nights to be fun.

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