Friday, June 24, 2011

Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

       This much anticipated new ride at Disney California Adventure opened to great fanfare and with much excitement.. This is part of a much larger expansion and numerous changes to DCA.

       This ride is a nonstop enjoyable swim through Ariel’s world. It is a dark ride in the style of many classic Disney Fantasyland rides like Peter Pan’s Flight and Snow White’s Scary Adventure. The difference is in the use of some updated technology. They use video projection and updated Audio-Animatronics. Ariel’s hair moves, ever so slightly to give the illusion of floating in the water. Ursula does an amazing squash and stretch movement just like the character does in the movie. Over all it the ride relies on the old standby use of moving props to tell the story.

When we went on the on a Thursday the line was short. This was a surprise as the ride has not been open that long. Part of the reason the line is short is the nonstop loading. Even guests in wheelchairs board while the ride is still in motion. It does slow down for wheelchairs to load into Triton’s Chariot but not that much.

The line itself is pleasantly themed and a good portion of the line is under the roof so you will be in the shade. While you wait in line take time to look around. Look at the ground and you will see sea creatures in the walkway. Shells of various sea creatures look to be imbedded in the walkway. The line moves quickly due to the nonstop loading of the ride so the wait should never be too long.

The ride is broken into segments that show you different scenes from the movie taking you through the entire story. All of Ariel’s friends are there to entertain you as you go through the ride. The colors are bright and cheerful. Even though it is a “Dark Ride” (Meaning a ride totally inside a building with the environment totally controlled to tell the story.) very seldom is the ride “dark”. Only when going through Ursula’s lair is the lighting dimmed some.

Other than Ursula there is nothing scary about this ride and even the little kids should enjoy it. Even Ursula is not that scary and her scene is short.

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