Sunday, June 19, 2011

Disney Parks Raises Ticket Prices ~ Is it Worth the Price?

Disney Parks Raises Ticket Prices

Is it Worth the Price?

Once again Disney raises ticket prices. Many feel it is unfair and is putting the Disney Dream out of range for many people. While it is true the price is high and does keep many from going let’s take a look at what you get for the price. I will say right now it is a personal decision to pay the extra to go to a Disney Park. For me it is worth it, even if I don't like the price.

For the cost of a day at a Disney Park you get to go on all the rides you can get too in the amount of time you have in the park. Disney is the undisputed king of telling a story to guests while on rides. All other amusement parks are years behind and playing catch up. (I will say that Universal Orlando with its Harry Potter expansion is right up there as far as I can tell.) There is a high attention to detail in the development, construction and maintenance of their rides.

The Disney Parks are beautifully laid out and great care is taken with décor and landscaping to tie areas together and make the area as well as each ride tell a story. It is not only beautiful but functional and relaxing. Nothing is left to chance in drawing you in and creating an atmosphere.

You can also see some amazing entertainment if you choose (and I suggest you do). Where else can you see a Broadway caliber show and have a full day of amusement park fun? Some shows have started in the parks and gone onto Broadway. I believe this is especially true at DCA where you can see Aladdin the Musical in the Broadway style Hyperion Theater. You also get other less formal entertainment all over the park. Entertainment just seems to happen everywhere at anytime. Just think, you get both the Amusement Park fun and a Broadway caliber show for less than a ticket to a Broadway show!

Musical groups and other live entertainment just “pop up” around the parks at various times and locations. You may be waiting for a parade or other event and a group of “janitors: may just stop sweeping and start using their trash cans as drums. In another location another “janitor” may pull his broom out and instead of sweeping may start drawing a Disney character on the ground using the water in his dust pan as “paint”. You may take a ride on the Horse Drawn Carriage on Main Street and find yourself riding with the Dapper Dans and enjoying their singing. Around the parks there are many different small stages where groups sing, play instruments and do comedy to entertain the guests.

At all the parks there is some form of nighttime special show. Fantasmic, Fireworks, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth and DCA’s World of Color are good examples. All of this entertainment is included in the price of your ticket!

So is Disney worth the price? I think so. I wish it cost less and my family has had to make choices between doing other things and renewing our Disneyland Annual Pass. For us the price is worth it.

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