Saturday, February 28, 2015

Disney Cruise Line Navigator App

Disney Cruise Line Navigator App

I’ve book a Disney Cruise and I’ve found that the Cruise Line has come up with a new way for you to keep updated with what is going on on the ship. It also allows you to explore the ship and find your way around. I’m looking forward to using this app.

One of the most important thing to do on the ship is keep informed of the scheduled events. Our first cruise we missed many things we would have enjoyed if we had only known about them. On the ship they give you a printed schedule each night for the next day. It tells you what show or deck party is on for that night. You can find out about specials in the spa and shops. Information on Ports of Call and events throughout the days at sea. Times and locations of character meet and greets and special events in the Kids Clubs. Everything for every member of the family is listed in the Personal Navigator. The printed copies of the Personal Navigator only have that day’s schedule. You can’t find out what is happening on future days nor can you check to see if a tour or event will be repeated on another day.

This new app is a way to keep the Navigator with you electronically instead of carrying around a crumpled piece of paper! You just need to keep your smart phone or tablet with you.

With the Navigator App you can quickly find up to date information on:
·        Character Experiences
·        Deck Parties
·        Dining
·        Entertainment
·        Live Shows
·        Nightclubs and Lounges
·        Ports of Call
·        Spa Services
·        Shopping
·        Youth Clubs
You can also:
·        See what’s happening every minute of every day of your cruise
·        Save favorite activities to one convenient list
·        Explore the ship from bow to stern, deck by deck

To use the app you download it to your phone or tablet before leaving home. It is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It will work on both iOS and Android devices in all countries except Japan.

To use the Navigator App onboard the ships put your device in Airplane Mode and turn on WiFi. Connect to the DCL Guest WiFi for free. The Navigator App only fully works while on the ships.

At home you can use the Navigator for a Cruise Countdown Clock but that is the only use for it at home. You can’t even explore the ship’s deck plan.

Why use the Navigator App instead of carrying around the printed Personal Navigator:
·        You have a countdown clock while waiting
·        You can look and the entire trips schedule not just the one day at a time
·        Being able to look at the entire trips schedule you can see if things are repeated and make better choices about what to do
·        If changes are made to the ships schedule the Navigator App will updated automatically where the Printed Navigator will not be, printed additions will be given but you have to wait for them to be printed and delivered to your stateroom
·        You are able to keep a running list of your not to be missed events on the ship
·        You can easily look up hours of operation of the different venues on the ship
·        You can always find you way around the ship with the Navigator Apps Deck Plan
·        Remember it is totally free to download and use on the ship

What is the downside of using the Navigator App:
·        It does not do much for you at home other than being a great countdown clock for your cruise
·        You have to carry your phone or tablet while on the ship so you have your wave phone and cell phone or tablet so it is one more thing to keep track of
·        Your personal phone will only function for the Navigator App unless you pay extra for WiFi connection or cell phone service – both are very costly and Internet is slow and restricted while on the ship

Over all I think the Navigator App looks good, especially for first time cruisers. Most people are now use to using their smart phones for finding information and maps. People usually keep track of phones but lose papers.

I believe being able to look at the schedule of events for the entire trip and make decisions based on more complete information is exciting and will make the trip more enjoyable.

So Bon Voyage and smooth sailing!

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