Saturday, April 9, 2011

March 11th, Thursday ~ Disney Wonder ~ Day 2 at Cabo San Lucas Cancled

March 11th , Thursday ~ Disney Wonder
Day 2 at Cabo San Lucas Canceled

We were awakened early by an unusual in room announcement. They shut off the speakers to the rooms so they do not describe the guests when they want quiet. All announcements are piped into the halls and broadcasted on the cabin TV.
The Captain came over the in room speakers to inform us of the earthquake in Japan and the fact that our docking in Cabo San Lucas was delayed while the port authorities cleared a tsunami warning caused by the earthquake. We watched the news on the cabin TV as we dressed for breakfast. We prayed and talked about what we would do today. We did not have a Port Adventure planned but were considering walking around the port again. Several more times the captain came on the speakers to give updates on the earthquake and tsunami warning and finally he informed us that the tsunami warning had not been lifted and we were moving further out to sea and leaving Cabo without going into port. It was time to start the final leg of our trip home. Even if we were cleared right then to dock our time at Cabo would be really short, too short for people to do their Port Adventures or even just do a little shopping. He also informed us that all passengers who had booked Port Adventures had already been refunded for the charges. We were also informed added activities had been added to the days to make up for not getting into Cabo and make sure we were well entertained. They delivered a printout of the added activities to each cabin and made copies available at several places around the ship.
We ate breakfast at our favorite place, Beach Blanket Buffet. We then walked around the ship just looking around and taking pictures. We contacted our friends and asked what they wished to do and if they wanted to join us. They were not feeling well and said they would join us later. We are all a little in shock from the news from Japan. We asked about crew from Japan on the ship and asked they be told people were praying and thinking about them and their friends and family at home.
We finally decided that today would be a quiet day. Scott walked around taking pictures around the ship while I sat by the quiet cove pool worked on catching up on downloading pictures and working on the blogs. (As you can tell I got behind.) We then decided to walk around the ship together taking pictures. We found a “shadow” of the Disney Cruise Logo on a wall. We looked around and saw that the sun was shining through a room from the other side of the ship and out a window on the door. In the window was a etched Disney Cruise Logo! We also decided to spend some time in the pool relaxing. The day went by all too quick and it was time to get ready for dinner and tonight’s show.

Tonight’s show is Disney Dreams. It is a fun story about a young girl who is torn between dreaming and keeping her childhood and growing up. In her dreams Peter Pan comes and shows her that it is ok to dream and that dreaming is important. This show would do well at the Hyperion Theater where Aladdin is now playing. I see where this play is more flexible than others that are on the ship.

After the show we spent time in the Cadillac Lounge watching Fred play piano again with our friends. We left early so we could go for the midnight chocolate buffet in Tritian’s. We arrived early for the buffet and took some pictures around the area, more later on that. What a fun spread of decedent treats! The room was set to the highest elegance! The tables had tux folded napkins, beautiful chocolate fountains and Wonder~ful displays of chocolate tidbits filled rows of tables with servers in full tuxes waiting to serve us our every chocolate dream! WOW!!!

We decided while waiting for the buffet to take pictures around the atrium lobby area. While I was taking pictures on the stairs two couples were coming down the staircase. They stopped and asked what I was taking pictures of. I told them I felt the area was beautiful and classy. The entire ship is elegant. Even with that there is the Disney touch of whimsy. I truly feel that only Disney can combine class and whimsy and make it work so well. One of the men offered to take my picture. After taking my picture they walked away. A few minutes later the man who took my pictures came back to talk to me. He laughed and told me his name is Payton and he is an imaginer for Disney! He designs roller coasters for the parks. We talked for a few more minutes and we thanked him for all the fun he adds to our lives.

After that it was time to take our turn leaving things for the Fish Extender group! Our “day” to give our Fish Extender gifts is tomorrow, Saturday the 12th, but we wanted people to wake up to their little treats. Duffy and Piglet helped us deliver gifts to all the rooms on our list. We ran thought the halls of the ship after midnight covering our mouths to stifle the laughter as we “snuck” up to peoples doors to leave our trinkets in everybody’s Fish Extender! We stopped to take pictures of areas we had not yet seen and we also took pictures of peoples doors with the Fish Extenders. There were people in our Fish Extender group on every deck! What a way to get a “midnight tour” of the ship.
By the time we got back to our cabin from our Fish Extender Expedition it was after 1:30 a.m. and time to catch a little news about Japan. Before we went to bed we spent some time praying for the people of Japan and those visiting there.

Friday, April 8, 2011

We the PEOPLE MUST take responsibility!!!

OK OK OK!! This is not DISNEY but it is my ranting!
It is time to take this country back in hand. In my humble opinion the entire congress, except for those who were just elected should be fired! We should all demand recall elections! If not that then when it comes time to vote none of them should be re-elected! Does not matter D or R is with their name!  Our so called Commander in Chief is a joke and is not helping to come to an agreement. He has been a major part of the name calling and dividing the congress and nation.
When talking to some people they say, “What can I do about it? There is nothing I can do to make congress do their job.” I calmly correct them. Yes, we can force them to change their behavior and do their jobs.
We the PEOPLE must take responsibility for our country again instead of letting the so called elite do the job. We need to demand financial and moral responsibility and accountability. We have the right and responsibility to do so.
We the People need to stand up and fight for change! We need to DEMAND that a law be passed that a budget MUST be passed. If they do not pass a budget and we end up with a Government Shut Down then the Congress should not be paid until they come to some agreement. They should not get back pay once the budget is passed. Also they should be fined for not doing their jobs.

March 10th , Thursday ~ Disney Wonder ~ 1st Day at Cabo San Lucas & Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party!

March 10th , Thursday ~ Disney Wonder
1st Day  at Cabo San Lucas & Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party!

Today is our first of two days at Cabo San Lucas. We went to breakfast at the Beach Blanket Buffet. Good food, fun location and great view! An added plus is we know of two tables where we can plug in our laptop to download pictures and work on blogs!

After breakfast we met up with our friends and went ashore to look around the port area. It is a beautiful area with majestic towering rocks and beautiful buildings. The port is busy and full of life, both human and animal. We saw many types of birds and there were fish in the water and sea lions swimming around. In fact the port has an official mascot, a male sea lion by the name of Poncho. Poncho has a new girlfriend named Ponchica.

We had a good time walking around the port then back on the ship. We spent time in the Quiet Cove Adult pool and hot tub. There was a DJ playing music and it was slow and relaxing. Scott and I decided to “dance” in the pool for a few.

After our swim we went back to our cabin to relax. We then got ready for dinner and the Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party. Tonight’s dinner was a Pirates theme. All the servers were dressed as pirates and the meal was all tropical/pirate themed. Dinner was wonderful then it was time for the Deck Party!!
Scott left Dinner early to get good seats for us to view the party. We sat on deck 10 at a table next to the railing on the starboard side. We could see the entire stage and screen. We also had a wonderful view of the fireworks! The fireworks were fired from the other side of the ship across from us! Yes you heard me right! FIREWORKS AT SEA!!! Disney is the only cruise line that does fireworks at sea! What an amazing time with our friends watching the show!
After the Deck Party they showed Pirates in the Caribbean ~ Curse of the Black Pearl on the Funnel screen. We cuddled under blankets on deck chairs on the covered pool under the stars on deck 9. They even served food there! When the movie was done it was back to the room to sleep.
When we walked into our cabin we turned on the TV. For the first time on the cruise I turned on the news and was shocked to see pictures of Japan and the damage done by the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that followed. We went to sleep heart sick and praying for the people of Japan and visitors to that wonderful country caught in the disaster. We wondered what effect all of this might have on our cruise. We wondered about crew members from Japan and their families. We prayed all was well for them.