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March 10th , Thursday ~ Disney Wonder ~ 1st Day at Cabo San Lucas & Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party!

March 10th , Thursday ~ Disney Wonder
1st Day  at Cabo San Lucas & Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party!

Today is our first of two days at Cabo San Lucas. We went to breakfast at the Beach Blanket Buffet. Good food, fun location and great view! An added plus is we know of two tables where we can plug in our laptop to download pictures and work on blogs!

After breakfast we met up with our friends and went ashore to look around the port area. It is a beautiful area with majestic towering rocks and beautiful buildings. The port is busy and full of life, both human and animal. We saw many types of birds and there were fish in the water and sea lions swimming around. In fact the port has an official mascot, a male sea lion by the name of Poncho. Poncho has a new girlfriend named Ponchica.

We had a good time walking around the port then back on the ship. We spent time in the Quiet Cove Adult pool and hot tub. There was a DJ playing music and it was slow and relaxing. Scott and I decided to “dance” in the pool for a few.

After our swim we went back to our cabin to relax. We then got ready for dinner and the Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party. Tonight’s dinner was a Pirates theme. All the servers were dressed as pirates and the meal was all tropical/pirate themed. Dinner was wonderful then it was time for the Deck Party!!
Scott left Dinner early to get good seats for us to view the party. We sat on deck 10 at a table next to the railing on the starboard side. We could see the entire stage and screen. We also had a wonderful view of the fireworks! The fireworks were fired from the other side of the ship across from us! Yes you heard me right! FIREWORKS AT SEA!!! Disney is the only cruise line that does fireworks at sea! What an amazing time with our friends watching the show!
After the Deck Party they showed Pirates in the Caribbean ~ Curse of the Black Pearl on the Funnel screen. We cuddled under blankets on deck chairs on the covered pool under the stars on deck 9. They even served food there! When the movie was done it was back to the room to sleep.
When we walked into our cabin we turned on the TV. For the first time on the cruise I turned on the news and was shocked to see pictures of Japan and the damage done by the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that followed. We went to sleep heart sick and praying for the people of Japan and visitors to that wonderful country caught in the disaster. We wondered what effect all of this might have on our cruise. We wondered about crew members from Japan and their families. We prayed all was well for them.

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