Friday, April 8, 2011

We the PEOPLE MUST take responsibility!!!

OK OK OK!! This is not DISNEY but it is my ranting!
It is time to take this country back in hand. In my humble opinion the entire congress, except for those who were just elected should be fired! We should all demand recall elections! If not that then when it comes time to vote none of them should be re-elected! Does not matter D or R is with their name!  Our so called Commander in Chief is a joke and is not helping to come to an agreement. He has been a major part of the name calling and dividing the congress and nation.
When talking to some people they say, “What can I do about it? There is nothing I can do to make congress do their job.” I calmly correct them. Yes, we can force them to change their behavior and do their jobs.
We the PEOPLE must take responsibility for our country again instead of letting the so called elite do the job. We need to demand financial and moral responsibility and accountability. We have the right and responsibility to do so.
We the People need to stand up and fight for change! We need to DEMAND that a law be passed that a budget MUST be passed. If they do not pass a budget and we end up with a Government Shut Down then the Congress should not be paid until they come to some agreement. They should not get back pay once the budget is passed. Also they should be fined for not doing their jobs.

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