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Aladdin the Musical vs Toy Story the Musical

Aladdin the Musical vs Toy Story the Musical
Which play should be at DCA??

Last year Disney said they were going to stop the Aladdin the Musical show at DCA and bring a play from the DCL to the park to replace it. As an annual passholder at the DLR  and a lover of the Aladdin the Musical play let me share my humble opinion on the subject.

Disney officials said they were going to close Aladdin and bring in Toy Story the Musical from the Disney Wonder to replace it. From the very beginning I did not want Aladdin to close. Having just sailed on the Disney Wonder and having had the pleasure of seeing Toy Story the Musical I can now share an informed opinion.

Aladdin the Musical is a fast paced retelling of the Aladdin Movie. The sets and special effects are amazing! It has many places were several characters can “adlib” and make small changes to keep it fresh for those of us seeing it over and over again. Genie changes some of his jokes to fit the news of the day and adds some adult humor while still keeping it family friendly.

Toy Story the Musical is a family fun adaptation of the Toy Story movie. It is a good play with well done sets and acting. The new songs are fun and keep the feel of the original movie. There is more than enough to keep the kids interested and the adults entertained.

Both shows live up to the strict Disney standards and are very enjoyable. The difference between the two shows is clear at one viewing. Aladdin has so many places where little changes can be made to can keep people wanting to come back to see it again and again. I myself have seen it at least 200 times, maybe more and I still look forward to seeing it again.
Toy Story does not feel as flexible as Aladdin and is not as interesting to adults. Toy Story is not as fast moving nor does it have adult humor or jokes. I felt no place where actors could adlib or change things up to keep it fresh.

Therefore I believe the correct decision was made when they decided to keep Aladdin at the park and leave Toy Story on the Wonder. Toy Story is great for an entertaining evening on the ship. Most people only go on a cruise once in a lifetime or maybe, if they are very blessed every few years. People can get to the parks more often than they can the cruise.

It is a shame that the final decision was made to keep Aladdin after several key members of the original cast decided to leave after being told Aladdin was closing. At last report they were all doing well on Broadway in many different plays.

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