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Disney Cruise Line Door Decor!

Disney Cruise Line Door Décor!

All the cabin doors on the Disney Cruise Ships look exactly alike when you board the ship. Just wait a few hours and watch the change! Many people decorate their cabin doors!

So why decorate your door? That is just one more thing to take along with you on the trip and one more thing to do when you get there. The answer is one word, FUN!! It is totally fun!! Another good reason to decorate your door is it helps you find your cabin easily when you return tired after a day of fun on the ship or shore.

You can decorate your door to let everybody know you are celebrating a birthday, wedding, anniversary, special event or a holiday. You can just add Disney touches to your door. Whatever you do as long as it is family friendly and follows DCL policy it is ok.

Let’s start with DCL rules. No offensive graphics/pictures or words/comments. (No nudes, profanity, suggestive comments or racist talk.) You will be asked to remove it if you do. Common sense folks, this is a family ship! If you would not want your little kids or grandma to see it don’t put it up. It can’t “stick out” and block the walk way as the hallways are small. The biggest rule of all, (only formal rule) and one that can cost you money is no tape! Tape can damage the paint on the metal doors. If you attach things with tape and it damages the door you will be charged for the cleanup and repair. Attach everything to your door with magnets instead. This is actually a plus as it is easier to put up and change around.

So what can you put on the door. Some people have designed Disney Character ears, hats and such to go around the circle that has your door number. (The number circle is 9 inches in diameter.) Others print cool graphics and make magnets. You can also print or purchase full page graphics and put them in sheet protectors. To attach the sheet protector to the door just put magnets on the back.

We did the full sheet protectors with graphics, magnet photo frames (printed pictures for them before going) and a dry erase whiteboard for people to leave messages. We were celebrating my birthday and our anniversary on the cruise so I had graphics for that. We also love the Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party and all the fun with it so we had graphics for that as well. We got a small pirate banner from the 99¢ store. We were able to add to or change our door every few days.

We found we made new friends by having our door decorated. People stopped and talked to us as we went in and out. Often when we were walking out the door or heading back to the cabin we would find people looking at our door. Several times when we were wearing shirts with graphics on them that were also on the door people stopped us and said, “You’re the Door People!” This started some fun conversations!

So the next time you are planning a Disney Cruise plan on decorating your door! It is practical because it helps you find your cabin at a glance. It is FUN FUN FUN because you get to add to the excitement while planning for the trip and while on the trip. People see the décor and make comments and you make friends. If you are celebrating people will often wish you a Happy . . . . as they go by. (Add a dry erase board and pens and people will leave best wishes.) Think of how much fun that will be for the kids in your group that are celebrating! If you use a dry erase board I suggest taking pictures of it at least once a day. This way if comments you love are erased you still have the picture to remind you of it.

Once you are home from your trip your door décor can become treasured memories. Magnets can be put on your frig or where ever else you keep them. Printed graphics can be put in your scrapbook or with your pictures, or even framed and placed on your wall.

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