Monday, March 12, 2012

Fog Horn Wars!!! What the Heck is a Fog Horn War?!?!

Fog Horn Wars!!! What the Heck is a Fog Horn War?!?

For years cruise ships have had fog horn wars. What ship has the biggest, badest sounding horn! From my laughing look at many cruise ship fog horn wars the bigger the ship the deeper the horn. Sad to say no fog horn wars on either of my two cruises.

Since the Disney Magic started sailing in 1998 Disney ships have won the wars. At first the Magic was the 5th largest cruise ship at sea. This gave it the wonderful deep horn that gains respect. But as years have gone on ships became larger. Now they are double the size of the Magic and her sister the Wonder. Their horns are deeper that either of the Disney older twins. Still Magic and Wonder won the wars hands down with the guests on the other ships clapping and laughing as they did.

How the grand old ladies of the Disney Cruise line won the fog horn wars was to blow the Disney Cruise Line signature fog horn trumplets and play the first seven notes of “When You Wish Upon a Star.” Magic and Wonder can still out blow and win the fog horn battles with almost any cruise ship at sea. Even the biggest ships end up surrendering to them. Ships signal surrender with one short blast of their horn.

The days of the Disney Magic and Wonder winning every fog horn war is over. It ended last year when the Disney Dream came into service. Not only does the Dream and her twin the Fantasy have deeper horns as decided by their size, they also play the 7 note “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

Here is a link to the Disney Magic and Dream having a fog horn war at Castaway Cay. What I would have given to be there! Oh my! If you watch the video you will see the Magic bravely try to battle it out with her much larger yet younger sister, the Dream. As you watch you will see Magic give up just blowing its regular fog horn and go to its trumplets. The Dream responds in kind with its larger trumplets and off they go! In the end poor Magic (and her sister ship the Wonder is the same) can’t compete with the Dream’s trumplets.

Magic and Wonder play

When You Wish Upon a Star

First seven notes of the song only

Dream and Fantasy play (I believe they play the same songs)

(They may play more songs than I list but I only know of these)

          When You Wish Upon a Star

First fourteen notes of the song or the first seven or the second set of seven notes.

          A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Be our Guest


It’s a Small World After All

A Pirate’s Life for Me

Just for fun I’ve added a second link here so you can see the Magic battling with a Carnival cruise ship that is much bigger than the Magic.

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