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The Godmothers of the Disney Cruise Ships

Updated to Include the Disney Fantasy

All cruise ships have Godmothers. Most of the time it is celebrities and Royalty that get the fun and honor. A ships Godmother christens the ship and blesses it. She is entrusted with guiding the ship to and around all its destinations by placing a blessing upon it. Now just because ships have Godmothers it does not mean they don’t also have Godfathers. This maritime tradition has been going on for about 4,000 years.

Disney Cruise Line, like all other cruise lines does have a grand christening ceremony and announces a Godmother or a set of Godparents for each of their ships. Here is a list of the Godmothers of the Disney Cruise Line.

Disney just completed the expansion of the Disney Cruise Line Fleet by adding the Disney Dream last year and the Disney Fantasy earlier this month. There are now four ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet.


Forth Ship in the Fleet and twin to the Dream

File:Disney Fantasy arriving in New York.png
March 1st, 2012 in New Your City, Mariah Carey was named Godmother of the Fantasy. Mickey escorted Mariah into the Atrium Lobby and with much fanfare she said, “I christen this ship the Fantasy.” Well, from inside she could not “Christen” the ship with the Champaign so her husband, Nick Cannon along with Minnie stood on a access deck at the front of the ship and smashed the bottle on the ship. When Nick hit the outside of the ship a 6ft tall “bottle of Champaign” sent confetti flying all around the atrium lobby of the ship.

The Disney Company chose New York as the place to christen the Fantasy because in the 1940s all ships belonging to American companies were christened there. It was an attempt to bring back the classic feel and grandeur.

I’m not sure why Mariah Carey was chosen. Yes, she is a great singer and performer. I do not know of any other connection to the Disney Company for her. I’ll just say I think a better choice could have been made, but that is just my opinion.

This marked a first for the Disney Cruise Line. It is the first time a Disney Ship has been christened outside of Port Canaveral, FL.

I must say I was personally disappointed in how Disney handled the event. I was hoping they would live stream the christening online as they did for the Dream. For some reason they chose not to stream christening.

It appeared, from the video that has been released that most of the event took place on the ship with the guests gathered either in the atrium lobby or the Walt Disney Theater for the festivities. This kept the regular fans that live in the area from seeing what was happening.

Disney Magic

First Ship in the Fleet

Christened in 1998

Patty Disney, wife of Roy. O. Disney was Magic’s Godmother until her death this year.

Roy O. Disney was named Godfather along with his wife.

Roy O. Disney was the son of Roy E. Disney and nephew of Walt Disney. He was on the board of the Disney Company for many years.

Disney Wonder

Second Ship in the Fleet

Twin to the Magic, Christened in 1999

File:Disney Wonder.jpg
Tinker Bell was named Fairy Godmother of the Wonder and is the first Fairy Godmother for any cruise ship in the world.

Disney wanted to have one of its most beloved characters have the honor. Tinker Bell completed the christening by sprinkling Pixie Dust over the Wonder. Tinker Bell was the first fictional character to be named as a ships Godmother.

Disney Dream

Third Ship in the Fleet

1st of the second set of the larger twins

File:Dream boat 22.jpg

January, 2011 in a huge ceremony webcasted around the world Jennifer Hudson was made Godmother of the Dream.

Jennifer Hudson started her professional singing career on the Disney Wonder and is therefore a great choice of Godmother for the Disney Dream.

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