Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cutting Down Worries When Taking Little Kids Or Kids with Disabilities to Disney Parks

Cutting Down Worries When Taking Little Kids

Or Kids with Disabilities to Disney Parks

So you are planning a trip with your little cherub to your favorite Disney Park. It does not matter if you are going for one day or an extended trip you have lots to think about.

You have packed the bag(s). You know you will need to take snacks, change of clothes, diapers if needed and maybe a toy or two. Stroller or carrier is a good thing to take as well. It is actually not too hard and can be lots of fun taking a young child to the parks.

Let’s say your child is old enough to run around and is a Houdini, I know mine was. LOL How do you keep them safe? Number one don’t totally freak out about taking a child to Disney. Keep a good eye on them. If your child is old enough to understand tell them what to do if they get separated from you. This is what they should know.

1.    Only ask a Cast Member for help. (Show them what a CM ID badge looks like as you walk in.)

2.   Don’t go anywhere with anybody that is not a Cast Member!

3.   Show them where the ‘Lost Parent’ station is so if they lose you and a CM takes them there they are not scared. Tell them that is where you will go right away if you can’t find them. Also tell them that is the ONLY place a CM is to take them. Tell them to SCREAM if a CM takes them anywhere else away from crowds. (NO, I do not believe a CM would hurt a child BUT I do understand that it could happen.)

4.   Teach them their full name, address and home phone number.

5.   Teach them YOUR full name and cell phone number. Remember they call you Mommy and Daddy not John and Sally!

6.   If they can’t remember their name and phone number put it on them!

I used a “love line” to keep our daughter near when she was a wondering tot. Yes, I called it a LOVE LINE but it was a child’s leash. I told her it was a visible line of love keeping her tied to me because I always wanted her near me and did not want to lose her in the crowds. Telling her that helped her relax and go along with it.

Another idea I used was little barrel dog tags that came with a little paper to write name and phone number on. Yes, they were made for dogs but they could be threaded onto the laces of a child’s shoe. The bright color makes them easy for a cast member of the park to see and get your information so they can contact you if they find your child.

Here is another idea I had. I wish I had the technology to have done this when my child was young. Make an iron on patch (or ask someone who can) with your child’s favorite Disney Character on it with their name and your phone number! Iron it on a cheap t-shirt or other piece of clothing they can wear at the park. I made this one as a sample.

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