Tuesday, July 23, 2013

D23 Expo, What Is It?!?!

D23 Expo, What Is It?
            Most Disney fans have heard of D23, Disney’s club for the ultimate Disney fans. But what is the D23 Expo?
            August 9 – 11, 2013 the third D23 will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center. Disney fans around the world are excitedly awaiting this event. The D23 Expo is held every other year at the Anaheim Convention Center. This is where you can find out about what upcoming things can be expected at Disney parks and the Disney Cruise along with upcoming animated and live-action movies the Disney Studios.
            Along with finding out about what is coming next you can also see seldom seen items from the Disney Archives. This year there will be a major display of costumes and props along with concept art and other items from Mary Poppins. Other movies will also be represented in the display.
            Disney Consumer Products (a.k.a. Disney Stores) will have a display area where you can purchase newly released Disney Consumer Products. They will also have some soon to be released items on display.
            At past Expos may have had Imangineers in the Disney Parks display area to answer questions. At the 2011 Expo they had a mockup of the bow of the Disney Fantasy. Behind that wasn’t area with a mockup of the Disney Fantasy lobby statue of Minnie Mouse. They also had a display allowing you to see a sped up version of what the Virtual Portholes on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy look like. There was a cast member there to explain what you were looking at and a table with pamphlets about the Disney Cruise Line.
            Also in the Disney Parks display area was a 3-D model of the yet to be opened New Fantasyland at WDW’s Magic Kingdom. Also on display with a ride vehicles for New Fantasyland Snow White and those Seven Dwarves Mine Ride. Disneyland Resort was not ignore as they had a model of Disney California Adventures new (not yet open then) Cars Land. They had ride vehicles for all three of the new Cars Land rides on display. They also had Lightning McQueen and Red the fire truck on display. Lightning and Red are the “characters” come out and visit guests in Cars Land.
            There was also a small display on the new Shanghai Disney Park. They had artists drawings of what the park would look like with signs designating some rides that will be there.
            One of my favorite “shops” to check out at the Expo was the Glendale Disney Store that is for Imangineers only. They had items that are normally only available to Disney Imangineers to purchase.
            A large area of the Expo Display Area is open for exhibitors to rent space. These run the gamut from Disney Fan Sites and Disney Specific Travel Agencies to sellers of Disney Collectibles. At the last Expo I saw of very rare Dumbo cel being sold by one of the exhibitors.
            Besides all of these exhibits there are special event hosted by Disney Luminaries. John Lasseter will be sharing about the upcoming animated features from both Pixar and Disney Studios. The head of the Disney Studios will be sharing what is happening with live-action Disney movies.
            Friday Ridley Pearson will be discussing the next and last book in the Kingdom Keepers series. He will be sharing how the fans of the books can be part of the writing of this final Kingdom Keepers book. Imangineer Tony Baxter will be sharing the secrets of Undiscovered Disneyland. He will be talking about the development of rides and storytelling at Disneyland.
            Two of the biggest events will happen on Saturday. 8 new Disney legends will be honored in a special ceremony in the afternoon. In the evening Richard Sherman and Alan Menken will be performing music they wrote for Disney movies and the park.
            All day on Sunday they will be having discussions posted by various Disney Imangineers in honor of Imagineering’s 60th anniversary. In the evening they will have the head of Disney’s Broadway productions talking about taking Disney movies to Broadway.
            There is actually so much to do at the D23 Expo that there is no possible way to do or see everything. So it is best to look at the schedule and plan ahead if you are going. Realize that you will have to stand in line for the “E Ticket” events.
            There are several helpful links about the D23 Expo.
D23 Expo Homepage:
D23 Expo Schedule:

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Disneyland Resort CLUB 1901

CLUB 1901

I had the pleasure of spending a few quiet hours in Club 1901 (sister club and part of Disneyland’s Club 33) with my friend Blake, his wife and their pal Gold Mickey, my husband, my pal Playful Pluto and 3 of the 4 Walts-Basement.com Traveling Ambassadors. Thank you Blake and Gold Mickey for inviting us, it was truly a MAGICAL, once in a lifetime experience and was it great to meet you face to face for the first time! Hope to meet up again at the park and enjoy a few rides together!

Club 33 is Walt Disney’s Privet Members Only exclusive club in Disneyland located above the Blue Bayou Restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Walt had it built as a place to entertain VIPs, family and friends in the park. He also opened it up to paid membership. There are several stories about how Club 33 got its name. One story says it was because there were 33 investors that helped to build Disneyland. Another story is when Walt was asked what he wanted to name his privet club he did not like any ideas he or his team had so he then came upon the idea of just naming it after the “street address” that was marked on the door, 33 Royal Street or Club 33. Walt did not get to see Club 33 because he died before the building was finished.

Club 1901 has a simple explanation for its name. 1901 is the year Walt Disney was born. It is as simple as that. That is the reason the Disneyland Resort gave for the clubs name in all press releases about this new club/expansion of Club 33. This is perfectly reasonable as the décor of the club and the entire reason for the club is to honor Walt Disney, the man behind the company.
Club 1901 is an extension of Club 33 and is located in Disney California Adventure on the first floor of the Carthay Circle Restaurant. It is only open to those with the Platinum Level Club 33 Membership. Unlike Club 33 you do not need to make a reservation nor do you need to purchase a meal to go in. 1901 is more of a lounge that does serve some food along with drinks. It is not as expensive to eat there as it is at Club 33, which is mainly a restaurant. 1901 has the feel of a 1930s era privet club/lounge where you may have found Walt and his animators relaxing and talking shop after a day of work.

As with Club 33 entrance is through a simply marked door. It does not have a sign saying Club 1901 or any other huge marker. It simply has its “address” 1901 next to the door. There is a card key reader where you can put your membership card to the reader to enter but that is hardly necessary as there are “bellhops” at the door guarding the door so no “regular” guests just open the door and walk in. The entrance is at the front of the Carthay Circle building to the right of the entrance to the Carthay Circle lounge and restaurant. On the ground in front of the door is a very small (smaller than a dime) Hidden Mickey.
The entire area is homage to Walt Disney. There are pictures of Walt, his family, friend and animators from the early years on all the walls. There are some memorabilia, such as old plush Mickey & Minnie in a glass on display case. Some of the extra magic happens in several of the pictures hanging on the wall. One is a picture of Walt looking at a piece of paper; Mickey is animated coming out of the paper. Another has Walt drawing Mickey and Mickey comes to life. As you are sitting relaxing in 1901 if you look over by a door you see Walt’s shadow walking past. You might even see his shadow pause and look around the room checking on his guests.

The very friendly and ever smiling bartender is always attentive to the needs of the guests in the room but is never hovering; just like Club 33 those serving are there but never obtrusive. Our bartender came over and asked if we would like to see something interesting and fun. Even though none of the guests in the lounge had ordered a drink requiring an ice sphere he showed us all how he made them. It was quite interesting and fun to watch. Here is the video of him making the ice sphere.

While we were sitting there relaxing a group came into the room and sat at a sitting area right next to ours. We could tell they were having an important meeting so we decided to be extra polite and move further away granting them the privacy needed and deserved. Several had Disney ID along with another ID. We kept glancing at the people in the group and realized we knew recognized at least one person. Bob Gurr was enjoying himself talking with the group. As the group left several came over to us and apologized for “chasing us away from our spot.” We assured them they did not. We moved out of courtesy to them not because of anything they did. We did not wish to eavesdrop on them or have our conversation interfere with their meeting.
To sum it up 1901 is a relaxing safe haven in the controlled or nearly controlled craziness of the park. It is small and intimate yet elegant. It is not so overdone that you feel unable to relax and be yourself. Items you can not touch are placed high enough to be safe yet low enough to be seen. Everything is to be looked at and photographed.

If you would like to follow the adventures of Gold Mickey (Blake’s pal) feel free to like his Facebook page.
Along for the adventure were 3 of the 4 Walt’s Basement Traveling Ambassadors, Mickey, Piglett and Pooh. You can follow their adventures with the members of Walt’s Basement either on the Walts-Basement.com forum or their Facebook page.
Walt’s Basement Main Site:
Walt’s Basement Ambassador Forum Board:
Walt’s Basement Ambassador Club Facebook page:

My pal Playful Pluto was also there at Club 1901. He has his own Facebook page where you can follow his antics:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sailing With Disabilities on the Disney Cruise Line – Shipboard Fun

Sailing With Disabilities on the Disney Cruise Line – Shipboard Fun

            All areas of the Disney cruise line our handicap accessible and meet ADA standards. With few exceptions disabled guests have full access to all areas of the ship. Disney does its best to make as much as possible available to everyone. But at times that is just not possible.
            Restaurants, shops, lounges, theaters and other areas either our handicap accessible from the main entrance or have an alternative entrance. Theaters have assigned locations for wheelchairs with seating for guests accompanying those in wheelchairs in great locations throughout the theater. In the restaurants they assign you a table with easy access for your wheelchair or ECV and make sure to remove the appropriate chairs to accommodate you. Lounges/bars also have alternative access the main entrance will not accommodate a wheelchair and accommodations will be made to serve it. The pools have accessibility lifts to assist those in wheelchairs getting out of the pools.
            All of the hallways/walkways can accommodate a wheelchair or ECV. There are specially designed handicap accessible cabins in all categories on the ship. These cabins have wider doors with no thresholds to make it easier for a wheelchair or ECV to enter. The cabins are slightly larger with the furniture spaced walkways for easier movement. The bathrooms have “walk-in” showers and handicap adapted toilets. This sink and towel holders are also at a lower level making it easier for a wheelchair-bound person to reach items they need. There are also extra electrical outlets in these rooms for charging things such as ECVs. If you need to bring medical equipment let Disney know ahead of time. Ask about extension cords for your use and ask them to hold number of cords you require. (There is a refundable deposit required for each cord.) They only have a limited number of power cords available to “borrow”. Call and check the policy about bringing your own power cord(s) as that has changed several times in the last couple of years. At this time a standard power cord is acceptable but a power strip/bar is not.
            Even the tours of the ship can be adapted to accommodate those with mobility issues. For example the “Art of the Theme Ship Tour” (this tour is a walking tour of the entire ship) was adapted for us because walking stairs was hard for us. The tour guide would lead the group down the stairs while we took the lift (elevator) to the next deck where we would meet up with them. The same would be done for somebody in a wheelchair or ECV.
            If you have an allergy to a food item tell the Disney Cruise Line before you sail and then remind them again your first night. Tell your server what items you are allergic to and your server will check your order for those items. They will go above and beyond to make sure that you are not exposed to the item you are allergic to. For severe allergies they will even have you look at the menu the day before an order your meal ahead of time so that they can double check with the chef to make sure it’s safe. We even had them tracking us down at night if they found out an item we ordered for the next night had something we were allergic to.
            Disney Cruise Line Kids Club is open for all with some limitations. If you’re special needs child requires one on one supervision DCL cannot accommodate. If your special needs child is in diapers DCL cannot accommodate. If you have a special needs teenager that functions at a lower level they cannot go in with the younger kids. If you have a younger child that functions at a higher level they cannot go in with the older kids. There are some minor exceptions to this rule but in general this rule is held firm.
            Before you get angry at this and say but my ”child” is 20 but functions as a 10-year-old why can’t they go into the Kids Club consider this. A disabled person may function at a 10-year-old level but their body is 20 years old and their body responds as a 20-year-old. Add to this they may not understand what they are feeling at times and how to moderate their behavior. This can inadvertently put a young vulnerable child at risk. Even though you know your child is not a risk Disney has to err on the side of caution and protect ALL the children in their care. On the other side of the coin the “normal” children may taunt or tease your special needs child causing them great stress. Neither option is acceptable.
            Disney’s Castaway Cay is as handicap accessible as the ship. Starting off with the fact the ship pulls up directly to the dock and you walk right off the ship onto shore. No tendering (riding in a small from the big ship to shore) means that people in wheelchairs and ECV’s can roll right onto shore enjoy the fun. There are paved walkways that make moving from area to area easy for wheelchairs and ECV’s. There are also a limited number of speech/sand wheelchairs available free to use on Castaway Cay.

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Sail With Dis-Abilities on the Disney Cruise Line - Port Adventures

Sail With Dis-Abilities on the Disney Cruise Line – Port Adventures

I’ve stated before how Dis-Abilities friendly the Disney Cruise Line is. In truth it really is very Handicap Accessible while on the ship and Castaway Cay (Disney’s Private Island). Disney goes way beyond the necessary accommodations to make sure that all guests feel comfortable and as many activities as possible are accessible to people of all abilities. Reality is they can’t make everything accessible.

One thing that must be remembered is that Disney does not own or operate the Port Adventures they offer. These are outside companies that Disney has checked out for safety, cleanliness, and quality of service. Disney has no ability or responsibility to require or enforce the Americans With Disabilities Act with these outside tour companies in countries outside the USA. So when visiting ports outside of the United States be aware there may be a few or no Ports Adventures available for those with physical limitations. This includes being able to get off the ship at all.

The first thing that must be noted is that Disney Cruise Line makes every effort to pull directly into port and not tender guests in. This is always Disney’s first choice, and they pay extra port fees for this so that ALL passengers that wish to disembark at that port can. When guests are required to tender from the ship (ride a smaller ship from the cruise ship to the port) those that cannot navigate a short set of stairs that is moving in the waves must remain on the ship. Only those that can walk or have a member of their party carry them onto the tender boat can disembark and go into port. This said even the best plans go awry and Disney cannot always pull directly into port as planned. Power chairs and scooters cannot be accommodated on the tenders. Wheelchairs that can be folded up and carried onto tender boat can be accommodated in most cases.

Most other countries do not have laws requiring access to transportation, services and buildings like the USA does. So when you go into other countries buses, taxis and buildings may not have access you require if you are in a wheelchair or scooter or have other mobility issues. Therefore you may not be able to find transportation to the Port Adventure of your choice or have access to the facility. Disney Cruise Line does make note in their information on Port Adventures if the adventure is accessible for those with disabilities. They give you an idea on what level of physical activity is involved with each Port Adventure. This helps you making wise choices when planning.

Disney Cruise Line has made sure that all areas of Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island) are accessible to everyone! There are even sand wheelchairs available for use for free on a first-come first-served basis on Castaway Cay. There are flat easily navigated paved pathways around Castaway Cay so wheelchairs and scooters are welcome. So even if you can’t get off at other ports you can always get off at Castaway Cay!

For my readers with disabilities I will encourage you to look closely at the Port Adventures in every port. Call DCL before your cruise and before booking any Port Adventures to see what ports you will be required to tender in if you have mobility issues. Before booking that Port Adventure make sure you can get off the ship to enjoy it. Tell DCL of your abilities and ask them for suggestions on Port Adventures that fit. If you can’t find a Port Adventure that fits your abilities then consider just tooling around the port and looking at the shops. Do not wander too far from the port. You need to make sure you can get back before the ship leaves. You also want to make sure that you do not travel into non-tourist areas. Always stay safe!

I also suggest to you, my readers that you let Disney Cruise Line know that those with disabilities wish to go on Port Adventures! Suggest kindly and without losing your temper that Disney Cruise Line might be able to “encourage” tour companies in other countries to be more aware of those with disabilities and how they can make accommodations.

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Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July
“Tomorrow will be better for as long as
America keeps alive the ideals of freedom and a better life,”
Walt Disney

            Happy Birthday America! No matter if you celebrate America’s Birthday at home, local community event or at Disneyland or Walt Disney World I hope you have a glorious day.
            Walt Disney was proud to be an American. If you look at many of the cartoons, live-action movies and comments he made you can see he loved America.
            In 1916 Walt Disney wanted to join the young American men headed to Europe to fight the Great War (World War I). He was too young to join and was proud of his brother who went to serve. In 1917 he forged his passport application to change his birth date from 1901 to 1900. By doing this he was allowed to join the Red Cross and go to Europe to help as an ambulance driver. By the time he got there the war had ended. He spent 11 months there helping the injured and recovery. He said that his 11 months there gave him a lifetime of experience.
            During World War II the Disney Studio was taken over by the US Government, as many companies were and many of his staff either went to serve in the war or were put to work creating propaganda, educational and training shorts. Disney cartoons encouraged the people at home to support the troops overseas, taught them how to avoid disease, and taught those serving many valuable tools they needed to survive the war. This take over and the loss of the overseas movie market almost bankrupt the Disney Studio.
Walt Disney love to read in one of the books he read during WWII was Victory through Air Power. It was a book describing how America could turn the tide of World War II and when it through air power. Disney used his own personal finances to create a documentary. He did at night so the war of the engines flying over Burbank and his studio would not disturb the filming. This movie caught the attention of Winston Churchill who then made sure that Pres. Roosevelt saw the movie. After seeing the movie Pres. Roosevelt signed an order for more long-range bombers and the tide of the war changed.
            What was it that made Walt Disney so proud of America? I believe it was what he saw from our founding fathers up until around the 1950s. Americans had a can-do spirit. Americans looked for the good in everything. Americans generally thought tomorrow could and would be better. America was a land of opportunities where anything could happen if you just worked hard enough. Walt Disney once said, “America’s best export is laughter.” I believe that says it all were how can you have a can-do spirit, see the good even in the bad, believe that tomorrow can be better and have a land of opportunity without laughter and joy.
I am proud to be an American! America has long been called the Melting Pot the World! I disagree, it is not a Melting Pot America is a Stew Pot. In the Melting Pot everything becomes homogeneous, indistinguishable from anything else in the pot. But it has Stew Pot each ingredient retains it’s individuality.
In a stew a piece of English Beef never becomes a Near East Pea or a Carrot, Irish Potato or spices from China and Africa. Instead they take on the flavor of each other and therefore their flavor is improved. Separately they are good together they are great.
That is how it is with the American culture. We have American Citizens of every ethnic group. Together we make the unique culture that is a mix of all. How can that happen? It takes mutual respect! Sometimes people groups clash and problems arise but we are still all Americans. No matter what color skin, our ancestors birthplace or whether we are first generation Americans or our families have been here for generations we are all Americans first and foremost. If we remember that fact we can be better tomorrow.
When I met my husband he was not a great supporter of America. Having grown up in the 1960s in the liberal Southern California with a lot of anti-American sentiment around him it was natural to distrust and dislike America. But after some years of exposure to my positive American pride and Walt Disney’s small town America attitude and faith and attitude his attitude has changed.
            I agree with what Walt Disney said:
“Actually, if you could see close in my eyes,
the American flags waving both of them
and up my spine is growing a red, white, and blue stripe.”

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hot Days at the Park

Hot Days at the Park

          Nothing can ruin a vacation or day of fun faster than Heat Stress. I know this from personal experience. Last Sunday I was at Disneyland and suffered from Heat Stress. So how do you avoid it when you are at Disneyland during the summer when the temperature hits 90° to 100° or even hotter?
          The first and most obvious is thing to do is hydrate. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Water is obviously best but if you have children that are feeling the effects of the heat anything will do, juice, watered-down juice or lemonade will do just fine. Even getting a frozen lemonade is a good idea.
          Don’t overdo it! Slow down! Yes it’s a shame you don’t get to go on all your favorite rides, but better you miss a few rides than suffer the consequences of overdoing it in the heat.
Many people worry about their salt intake, with good reason. But when you’re sweating in the heat your body needs a little more salt, so go ahead and have some popcorn or a salted pretzel. Unless you have a major medical problem that limits your salt intake a little extra salt is a good idea.
Go ahead and get wet! Getting what is a great way to cool off! Go ride a ride that gets you soaked or at least a little wet! Pirates of the Caribbean is a great ride for getting a little wet and you get to be in a cool environment for short time. Splash Mountain and grizzly River run will get you good and wet. David Crockett’s Canoes will get you a little wet, depending on your fellow riders. There are also several water fountains/water play areas at the two parks where you can get wet. Another good thing to do is take a hat you don’t mind getting wet. If you’re feeling a little overheated go to any counter service restaurant and asked for a glass of ice water. Drink some of the ice water and pour some in your hat! You can also get it wet at any water fountains/water play area or at any bathroom sink or drinking fountain.
I’ve mentioned getting your hat wet but you should also keep in on to give a little shade to your face and head. Consider bringing a small umbrella to give yourself portable shade. This can be invaluable while sitting waiting for or watching a show or parade. Small battery-powered fans and water misters can also be a lifesaver and don’t cost much.
If you feel you’re getting overheated STOP!!!! Stop what you’re doing and head to First Aid. They will be happy to give you an ice pack or frozen towel to put on your neck to cool down. This is also a good Cool Zone to go sit or lay down for a while out of the heat. Let the professionals assess how overheated you are.
During the heat of the day schedule things like indoor dining at a restaurant that has air conditioning, and seeing indoor shows or riding the longer indoor rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean or It’s a Small World. The Aladdin show or any other shaded/indoor show area is a good idea.
If you’re staying at a Disneyland Resort Hotel or a local Good Neighbor hotel consider going back to the hotel where a swim and/or nap during the heat of the day.
Be mindful of the young and elderly in your group because they often do not realize the effect the heat is having on them and will put themselves inadvertently in danger. If you notice they are slowing down, speech is slurred, they are sweating profusely, or just can’t stay focused on what you’re saying take them directly to first aid. It is better to spend an hour cooling-off in first day then days out of your vacation in the hospital.
Here is a list of the different types of Heat Stress with symptoms and treatment. Adapted from the CDC.gov website.
Types of Heat Stress
Symptoms and Treatment
Heat Stroke
Heat stroke is the most serious heat-related disorder. It occurs when the body becomes unable to control its temperature: the body's temperature rises rapidly, the sweating mechanism fails, and the body is unable to cool down. When heat stroke occurs, the body temperature can rise to 106 degrees Fahrenheit or higher within 10 to 15 minutes. Heat stroke can cause death or permanent disability if emergency treatment is not given.
Symptoms of heat stroke include:
·         Hot, dry skin or profuse sweating
·         Hallucinations
·         Chills
·         Throbbing headache
·         High body temperature
·         Confusion/dizziness
·         Slurred speech
First Aid
Take the following steps to treat a person with heat stroke:
·         Call 911 and notify their supervisor. Contact any Cast Member and ask for First Aid.
·         Move the sick person to a cool shaded area.
·         Cool the person using methods such as:
o    Soaking their clothes with water.
o    Spraying, sponging, or showering them with water.
o    Fanning their body.
Heat Exhaustion
Heat exhaustion is the body's response to an excessive loss of the water and salt, usually through excessive sweating. Workers most prone to heat exhaustion are those that are elderly, have high blood pressure, and those working in a hot environment.
Symptoms of heat exhaustion include:
·         Heavy sweating
·         Extreme weakness or fatigue
·         Dizziness, confusion
·         Nausea
·         Clammy, moist skin
·         Pale or flushed complexion
·         Muscle cramps
·         Slightly elevated body temperature
·         Fast and shallow breathing
First Aid
Treat a person suffering from heat exhaustion with the following:
·         Have them rest in a cool, shaded or air-conditioned area.
·         Have them drink plenty of water or other cool, nonalcoholic beverages.
·         Have them take a cool shower, bath, or sponge bath.
Heat Syncope
Heat syncope is a fainting (syncope) episode or dizziness that usually occurs with prolonged standing or sudden rising from a sitting or lying position. Factors that may contribute to heat syncope include dehydration and lack of acclimatization.
Symptoms of heat syncope include:
·         Light-headedness
·         Dizziness
·         Fainting
First Aid
Persons with heat syncope should:
·         Sit or lie down in a cool place when they begin to feel symptoms.
·         Slowly drink water, clear juice, or a sports beverage.
Heat Cramps
Heat cramps usually affect people who sweat a lot during strenuous activity. This sweating depletes the body's salt and moisture levels. Low salt levels in muscles causes painful cramps. Heat cramps may also be a symptom of heat exhaustion.
Muscle pain or spasms usually in the abdomen, arms, or legs.
First Aid
Workers with heat cramps should:
·         Stop all activity, and sit in a cool place.
·         Drink clear juice or a sports beverage.
·         Do not return to strenuous activity for a few hours after the cramps subside because further exertion may lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.
·         Seek medical attention if any of the following apply:
o    The person has heart problems.
o    The person is on a low-sodium diet.
o    The cramps do not subside within one hour.
Heat Rash
Heat rash is a skin irritation caused by excessive sweating during hot, humid weather. (This can happen when you are trying to keep wet to stay cool. I think it is more likely to happen at WDW than DLR.)
Symptoms of heat rash include:
·         Heat rash looks like a red cluster of pimples or small blisters.
·         It is more likely to occur on the neck and upper chest, in the groin, under the breasts, and in elbow creases.
First Aid
People experiencing heat rash should:
·         Try to stay in a cool, less humid environment when possible. Make sure affected areas are kept dry while getting wet to cool off.
·         Keep the affected area dry.
·         Dusting powder may be used to increase comfort.
Now I’ve given you the information about Heat Stress and the ideas for surviving heat in the park I want to encourage you to remember this information for anywhere you are when it gets hot! Know the symptoms of Heat Stress and how to avoid and treat it.
If you start to think you are getting overheated find a way to cool off. If you can’t cool your home or location where you are at most cities set up Cooling Centers/Cool Zones for people to cool off during the heat of the day. Some will be at Civic Centers or schools. Other ideas for places to go to cool off include libraries, malls or even movie theaters.

Encourage the elderly and kids to learn the symptoms and treatment of Heat Stress. This could save their lives and maybe even yours if you ignore the effects of the heat some day. Watch out for each other! As I’ve said before the young and elderly often do not “feel” the effects of the heat until it is too late. A young child will play outside in the heat until they drop because they just don’t realize what is happening and don’t want to stop having fun. The elderly may not think to turn on the A/C or move indoors when it is hot. They don’t realize until it is too late that they are over heated.