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What to Consider When Picking Where to Go Even When Going Disney

What to Consider When Picking Where to Go Even When Going Disney

Disney now can take you all over the world. You can go to five parks in four different countries and soon to be a sixth park in a fifth country. There are numerous resorts around the United States including the newest in Hawaii. Add the Disney Cruise and Disney Adventures and there are very few countries in the world that Disney will not take you.

So what do you need to consider when choosing will it be a Park, Cruise or Adventure? First of course is how you will travel and what you can afford. Do you have the time to fly across the country or around the world to a Disney Park or Resort? Can you handle time on a ship or do you get seasick? How much time can you take off of work for this vacation? These are easy things to think about.

Now people say I’m a worry wart and over think things. Still I’d rather be safe than sorry. Remember, if you choose to go on a trip outside your home country you are no longer in your home country where everybody speaks your language and the laws and culture are different. Can you adapt in an emergency situation while there?

Crime and political unrest is another thing to consider. Last year we went on a Disney Cruise to the Mexican Riviera. Let me share my experience on that trip and you can adapt it to where you go. Living in So California I know some of what is going on across the border a few hours from my home. I had heard reports of the Drug Cartels violence and had concerns, not panic about going there. To make sure I had the most current information I kept an eye on the news for the areas we were going to visit. I also made sure I checked the State Department website for information and warnings.

The warnings were stark and clear. People were being injured and killed just outside the tourist areas of two of the ports we were going to. We made the decision to not leave the port when we were at those ports due to the reports. Before we left Disney, and other cruise lines canceled stops at one of the more violent ports. I’m glad Disney is so concerned for the safety of its passengers.

When you get to port look around and be aware of what is going on around you. Be wise and don’t take valuables with you off the ship. The rings and jewelry are safer in your cabin safe than on your person. Take only the money you need for the day and if you can use travelers’ checks or a credit card it is better. Know who is walking around you and what is going on.

When we got off the ship at our first port we saw Mexican Army personal in full battle gear complete with flak jacket and helmet. They also held AK47 rifles at the ready! Needless to say we returned to the ship right away. We felt seeing that particular port was not worth our lives or safety.

The second port was much calmer. There were lots of Mexican Navy personal around in dress whites. They had pistols in holsters. None of them seemed upset or ready to fight. They were friendly and helpful when we asked for information. They were ready to protect if and when needed but it was obvious that things were calm. We walked around that port enjoying the shops for several hours. What a difference!

The upshot of this post is be aware of where you are going before you go. Know about the current State Department warnings and crime where you are going. Consider your family. Do you have young children with you? Do you really want to take them there? Keep your eyes open and be aware of who is around and what they are up to. Notice the level of security and act accordingly. If you see a lot of police, military or other type of security you may want to reconsider headed there. Be willing to change plans or not get off the ship if reports of crime and violence are too high for comfort. Better to enjoy a quiet time on the ship than take a risk in an area known for violence. This is especially true if you are taking your children there. If you are really uncomfortable with the level of violence or crime where you are thinking of going reconsider where to go and find a different place to go that feels more comfortable to you and your family.

Most of this is general travel safety information. Seems as soon as you put Disney in front of travel people assume it is safe. When you are traveling with Disney, either on the Cruise or with Disney Adventure there are many things out of Disney’s control. You must use reason when making the decision of where and when to go.

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