Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Imagineering Workout ~ Update 6 Start with a Question

The Imagineering Workout ~ Update 6

Start with a Question

“Start with a question to discover if there is an opportunity for creativity.”

Dave Crawford

Principal Mechanical Engineer,

Show/Ride Engineering

Questions get the creative process started by asking how, why and in what other ways can something be done.  The answers explore options that kick off creativity.

The most unrealistic options inspire tangent ideas that take you to new places you would never have considered.

When looking at one option for putting together a computer photo and graphic project I was stuck on how to get the graphic I wanted to add to the picture to work. I asked myself how do I it so it looks right. Why does it have to be the why I’ve put it together so far. What other ways can I do it.

Asking myself how, why and what other ways to do it I let my mind freely scramble around. Instead of just thinking “inside” the computer box I thought of old school paper and scissors ways of doing the same thing. When I did that I became braver and cutting out my graphics in my computer program and adding them to pictures I’d taken. I found that in all reality doing it in the computer is almost the same as doing it by hand. It is easier in the computer because you can flip the direction of a graphic or picture. You can easily make a graphic larger or smaller to fit where you want to put it.

Here is some of my creative play.


If you wish to follow along and read the book for yourself here is the information:

The Imagineering Workout

By The Disney Imagineers

ISBN 078685554-1

It is available at

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