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The Unique Bathroom's On the Disney Cruise

The Unique Bathroom’s On the Disney Cruise

Split Bathrooms

Disney tries to think of everything when it comes to making things easy for families on vacation. The Disney Cruise Line is no different. Not only are the Disney Cruise Cabins larger than industry standard many have unique bathrooms.

Most of the cabins on the Disney Ships have split bathrooms. One of the bathrooms has a toilet and sink area in one with a counter. The other room has a sink and tub with a shower. The design of the bathroom makes is easy for more than one person to get ready at the same time. This is very nice on a seven night cruise with the Formal and Semi-Formal dinner nights in particular. On those nights you want to take a little extra time making yourself look special.

The split room with the toilet has good counter space and lighting for the ladies in your group to put on their makeup and do their hair. There is even a nice set of shelves for storing hair products, lotions, minor first aid products and makeup.

The second bathroom has less floor space, a much smaller mirror and less storage area. Still it is nice because as mom is putting on her makeup in the other half bath dad or one of the kids can take a bath, shave or get dressed.

When we were on the Disney Cruise ships we found this very helpful. It made it easy to get ready for anything we were planning to do. When we went with our daughter the split bathrooms made it easy for the three of us to get dressed up for dinner.

When you add the vanity/desk area in the main room of the cabin getting ready and checking hair and makeup is easy for all. Mom and daughter can split between the bathroom with the large counter and the vanity/desk and both be able to look their best while dad has his own space with a mirror big enough for him to shave and check his hair.

Having the split bathroom is also great for families that have several children of different sexes. It makes it easier for all to have privacy as they change clothes for dinner, pool time or getting ready for bed. The only thing that would make this perfect is having a toilet in each.

One added thing you will find in the bathrooms is H2Oplus products. This line of skin and hair care products is great! I’m very allergic to scents and my skin is also sensitive to most products. I found out there was a H2Oplus store in my area and I tried the product before going on the cruise. I found I did not need to worry about taking shampoo or anything else because the H2Oplus products are made so well. Your cabin steward will be glad to give you extra if you run out while on the cruise. You can also purchase large bottles of it in the gift shop. If you want to purchase these products before or after your cruise the best place to get them is online. Just go to their website. The product they give you on the cruise is the Sea Marine line. You can also get the products they give you at the Disneyland Resort Hotels on the site.

Sea Marine Haircare Duo

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