Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Imagineering Workout ~ 7 It Just Takes A Spark

The Imagineering Workout ~ Update 7

It Just Takes A Spark

“To spark the creativity of others, you need to find that spark first”

Rhonda Counts

Show Producer,

Walt Disney Imagineering, Florida

When trying to get a group of people excited and moving in the same direction it helps to find a spark to start the creative fire.

Here are a few ways to ignite a spark. If you are planning a family gathering or group event you can look at pictures or video of other like events. Think back to times you got together with family or friends. See what excites you. Is it a color or an activity? Is it the location or the décor?

I have been on two Disney Cruises and loved them both. I wanted nothing more than to get the people of Walt’s Basement ( together on a cruise. I wanted nothing more than to jump on the site and start pushing people toward booking a cruise as soon as possible.

Instead of pushing I just shared the fun. Once someone else made the suggestion that we gather on the cruise and that I might have ideas I started making suggestions. Now, the need for a spark!

We need to come up with ways to keep the idea going and growing. We just started planning the gathering. We need to give people time to save money for the trip. We need to keep the excitement going. Once people get excited about going we need to keep excitement building so they don’t forget or back out.

We are not going until 2014 but as I said we want to give people time. We also want time to plan special events for the cruise. Fish Extender or not? Door Decorating contests or not?

Let’s talk about getting a creative spark for the Door Decorating Contest. First off, how do I get excited and get ideas for a door contest? I started remembering all the fun we had decorating our door and looking at other peoples doors. I pulled out pictures of our door and others we had taken while on the cruise. I started writing down what we did to decorate our door.

After playing in the swimming pool of fun emotions and ideas I did a reality check and started writing down limits. What is allowed and not allowed by Disney Cruise when decorating the door? What do we need to make sure people involved know. How do we judge it? Who is allowed to enter? What do we give as a prize and how to pay for it?

Has the group finished planning this fun event for our gathering? NO! There is still a long way to go and more sparks to ignite. We need to set a final date that has to wait until Disney Cruise sets the schedule for the time frame we are looking at. We need to decide how many and what type of “events” we will have while on the cruise.

If you wish to follow along and read the book for yourself here is the information:

The Imagineering Workout

By The Disney Imagineers

ISBN 078685554-1

It is available at

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