Friday, March 30, 2012

Blue Sky Cellar ~ Carsland

Blue Sky Cellar ~ Carsland

On a recent visit to Disney California Adventure I stopped into the Blue Sky Cellar to check out what was new.

Standing outside on the deck in front of the Blue Sky Cellar I noticed I could see over the fence (not to well but still I could see) into Carsland. I was able to see some of the buildings. I could see Flo’s Diner and the Court House. The entire area, even unfinished looked like it was right out of the movie.

Once inside the Blue Sky Cellar I found a treasure trove of special items. There is a scale model of Carsland. There were models of the ride vehicles and drawings of what they will look like painted. On the wall there were artists drawings of what the area and signage will look like.

There is a video that plays in a continues loop in the Blue Sky Cellar. It is a video showing the development of Carsland and the stories of the Imagineers that designed it. There are fantastic insights into the men behind the Disney Magic and the process of how they do the Magic.

Here is the video if you wish to watch it.

Another amazing thing I saw there was a scale model of a young Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. This statue, named the Storytellers will be placed on Buena Vista Street. This statue is a bookend to the Partners Statue in the Hub of Disneyland. Storytellers show the optimism Walt had when he reached Hollywood in 1928. It shows him looking toward the future and the wonderful things he would do.

After going to Blue Sky we decided to ride Mickey’s Fun Wheel to sneak a better peak over the wall into Carsland. We could see some of the Radiator Springs Racers racing around the track, with no one in them.

Here are some of the pictures we took from the Fun Wheel.

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