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March 7th, Monday on the Disney Wonder ~ Formal NIght and Golden Mickeys!

March 7th, Monday ~
Formal NIght and The Golden Mickeys

Today we had breakfast at Beach Blanket Buffet on Deck 9. It is a wonderful place on the aft of the ship. We chose to sit outside and enjoy the sunlight and view off the back of the ship.

After breakfast we went to an Art of Entertainment class with the head chief of Club 33! Chef Marcel St. Pierre taught us how to make Falafel Crab Cakes and other wonderful things to go with it. Along with the cooking lesson we got a short talk on how to pair wines with this dish. After the lesson and talk we got a taste of both and really enjoyed! Watch Minnie’s Kitchen for the recipe for all we pick up from Chief Marcel! (They have been posted!)

Then it was off to lunch at Parrot Cay with our friends. After lunch we went to a video presentation on the top 10 innovations in Disney Animation. It was interesting to see how much the Disney Studios added to the art of animation! Disney has done everything for being the first to use synchronized sound to being the first to use stereophonic sound with animation. They also developed the multi plane camera along with many other innovations that improved the art form. After the video presentation we decided to just spend some time walking around the ship before we had to go get ready for dinner.

Tonight was Formal Night and the night we got to meet the Captain of the ship Captain Thord was there to take pictures with all the guests. Pictures were taken in the Main Lobby. We also got our pictures taken with Mickey and Minnie all dressed in their formal attire. We got all dressed up for dinner and enjoyed a great meal at the Animators Palate. Tonight the menu in all the restaurants is the same. Tonight the room did not change color but stayed a formal Black and White. The food was wonderful! What a great meal! After diner we had time to run back to our cabin for a few minutes to change for the Golden Mickey’s! The Golden Mickey’s are the ships version of the Oscars! The show was fun and fast paced. The show had lots of singing and dancing along with characters, both hero and villain.  The show has been updated since we saw it last in 2005. They added some of the newer characters from Disney Movies to the show. After the show we went to the Golden Mickey’s Family After Party in Studio Sea. There was music and dancing with kids joining parents having a good time. There was also an adult After Party that we decided to pass on.

The Quiet Cove pool is open until midnight most nights. After the show and after party we went to the adult Quiet Cove Pool to sit in the hot tub for a few minutes to relax. What a wonderful way to end the day!!
Back in the cabin we found Fish Extender gifts in our pockets.

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