Monday, June 20, 2011

Is the new Star Tours better than the old?

Star Tours

Is the new Star Tours better than the old?

       All right, I’ll start with the simple answer, YES!! I finally got to ride the new Star Tours last week and enjoyed it so much that I road it twice! At this time it is my favorite ride in the park. (I can’t say it will always be because my favorite ride depends on my mood.)

       What makes the new Star Tours better than the old? I will not say a major jump in technology because to me the difference between the physical ride technology used does not seem that great to me. Yes, it is in 3D. The technology is a major improvement to the old version that was not 3D. The difference is the fact that the technology has evolved to the point they can mix and match segments for a wonderfully large amount of different trips you can take! I’ve heard there are as many as 57 different trips you can take.

       For years my husband and I had talked about the fact they needed to change the ride. We thought it would be fun if they had several different trips and until you got on the ride and it started you would not know where you were going. Disney did our idea much better! They always plus ideas!

       The queue starts almost the same as before. The major elements are the same with some major changes to what they show on the screen. The droids they show in the next two segments of the line are the same but have been updated and have a wider array of things to say. In the center segment watch the security monitor! It is a major laugh to see what a screw up the security droid is!

       The new Star Tours has many different trips you can take. You always start out at the Star Tours launch pads but different things can happen that cause you to launch. Then a droid shows up saying there is a Rebel Spy on your ship. A guest is picked and thier picture is shown on the screen saying they are the Rebel Spy. Familiar characters show up with threats and advice. It is a fun and active intergalactic romp with excitement and fun.

       In short, what makes the new Star Tours better than the old is the fact there is a seeming endless array of trips you can take. I think it will be a long time before I take the same trip twice. The old ride was the same thing every time.


  1. Can't wait to ride it in August!

  2. Let me know when you are going and I'll be glad to go with you if I can!


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