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Disney Cruise Line ~ Two Sets of Near Identical Twins ~ Part 3

Disney Cruise Line ~ Two Sets of Near Identical Twins

Part 3 ~ The Younger Twins ~ The Dream & The Fantasy

       I will be honest that this is the hardest of the three posts for me to write. Everything I am writing here is based on what I’ve found out online. I’ve never been on the Dream and the Fantasy is not yet finished. It is my hope to make a 7 night cruise on the Fantasy my next Disney Cruise. (It is either that or a trip on the Wonder to Alaska!)
       Let me start off with the general stats of the younger twins. The Dream and the Fantasy are 1,115 feet long (151 feet longer than the elder sisters). They are 125 feet wide (19 feet wider and this makes them too wide for the Panama Cannel until it is widened). They can carry 4,000 guests and 1,458 crew (1,300 more guests and 508 more crew). They have a gross tonnage of 128,000 (45,000 tons larger). They are also 4 decks larger than the elder twins.
Royal Palace
Royal Palace
Royal Court
       The Dream and Fantasy have all the same restaurants except one. The Dream has the Royal Palace and the Fantasy will have the Royal Court. Both of these have the feel of classic Disney Princesses such as Cinderella and Snow White. Both of these restaurants are off of the Atrium Lobby and have the ships character mascot statue outside the front door.
Enchanted Garden
       Enchanted Garden restaurant takes the place of Parrot Cay. It is located on Deck 2 Midship. It is designed to have the feel of the luxurious gardens of Versailles, Enchanted Garden magically transforms from day to night on "show night".
Animator's Palate
       Animator’s Palate is different on both of the younger twins. The room is in color. On "show night" on the Dream the “cork boards” and walls change to make you feel like you are underwater. The “cork boards” change into windows into the sea. During the meal Crush, Marlin, Nemo, Dore and other friends from Finding Nemo swim by to say hi and talk to you. You can ask questions and get answers about life under the sea and tell them about life on land. From what I’ve read the Fantasy’s Animator’s Palate is similar to the Dream’s in general look but on show night it is different. Instead of going under the sea for a visit from Nemo and friends you will be given help to draw a cartoon character on your placemat. (This may only be for children.) Then the picture you drew will be animated onto the screens around the room for all to see.
       For adult only dining the Dream and Fantasy have Palo like the other ships. They also have Remy’s. Remy’s on the Dream and Fantasy is a second adult only restaurant. The theme of this restaurant is inspired by the movie Ratatouille. As on the other Disney ships there is an extra charge for meals at the adult only restaurants.
Aqua Duck
       Now for the fun stuff that is different about the pools and water fun. The Dream and Fantasy have three pools for the guests. The Mickey Pool is for little kids and has Mickey’s face but is not shaped like the one on the older ships. Instead of the Goofy Pool the Dream and Fantasy have Donald’s Pool with a picture of Donald Duck on the bottom. The Quiet Cove Pool is on the new ships but it has a unique shape that is different from the older ships. The entire area has a more sophisticated look. The new ships have a water slide for the kids just like the older but they also have a one of a kind watercoaster, the Aqua Duck! Anybody with courage can take a ride down the 760 foot watercoaster with a swing out over the side of the ship. The Dream has Art Deco interior design and the Fantasy will have Art Nouveau..

       The teen and children’s areas have been updated as well. The teens have more space and have their own spa/salon area. The new area has indoor and outdoor space with water fountains. The kids area has been updated with more interactive electronics. They have a interactive floor where during story time pictures can be projected to make the kids feel like they are in the story. There are various play rooms with different décor. There is Andy’s room where the kids feel toy size. I know any little girl would love the Pixie Hallow room with its Tinker Bell feel. The younger guests on the Fantasy can also get done up at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Little girls can become a princess and the boys a prince or a pirate.

       On the older ships the sports deck was forward on deck 10. On the newer ships it is on deck 13 and is at the back of the ship. It includes Goofy’s Miniature Golf and virtual sports. This adds lots of extra sports fun for all the family members.

       Another fun difference is interactive art. There is beautiful art on all the ships but the art on the Dream and Fantasy may just come to life before your eyes. They also have a device you can check out that will activate special art to give you clues to solve a Disney Cruise mystery.

       As with the older ships there is first class entertainment every night. The Fantasy will have Aladdin the Musical. This is a magical romp through Agrabah that has been playing at Disney California Adventure since 2003. Having seen this show well over a hundred times at DCA, I suggest you don’t miss it!

       On the Dream there is The District with its lounges and bars. There is Pink, themed to look like the inside of a champagne bottle. Skyline boasts the ability to give you a different view of a major city of the world every day with its virtual windows. Evolution is a Butterfly themed hotspot and the District Lounge is lively bar.

       Scheduled for the Fantasy is the Europia District. It will have O’Gills Pub a Irish Pub. Skyline, where you can watch the world’s greatest cityscapes change from day to night. Ooh La La has an elegant French boudoir and features Louis XIV chaises. The Tube has a metropolitan feel. La Piazza has an Italian feel.

       I’m sure I’ve not covered all the differences between the newer ships and the older. With the Fantasy still being built I know there will be some changes between the newer ships that I just don’t know about. I will post updates on the Fantasy as information is released.

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