Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mickey’s SOUNDsational Parade!

Mickey’s SOUNDsational Parade!

       I recently had the pleasure of spending a day at Disneyland and I chose to do something I’ve not enjoyed in a long time. I decided I wanted to write about the new parade so I needed to see it. This new parade is part of the Disney SOUNDsational Sumer.

       For about the last 15 years or so Disney has changed the style of parade they have. They use to have a moving show parade. The parade route became a stage with a flow of movement and dance. About 15 years ago they changed to a show stop parade style.

       In a show stop parade the parade stops at designated locations for the characters and performers to do a specific routine. The problem is not all the floats stop at all the stopping points! If you are like me and want to see every part of the parade you had better have an annual pass or lots of money so you can come back often to watch the parade from different locations. Even that will not guarantee you will see each floats special routine clearly.

       Part of the reason for the show stop parade was to encourage audience participation. This was an epic failure in my opinion. People just don’t join in when they give the invitation to join the characters and performers dancing or singing.

       The one show stopping parade that worked was the Lion King. This parade did not ask for audience participation. That parade had such a high wow factor it was breathtaking.

       The new Mickey’s SOUNDsational Parade does not stop. It is more like the classic Main Street Electrical Parade. It does not stop but carries on giving a continuous nonstop show.

       The theme of the parade is music. All the floats are either musical instruments or made of instruments. The same song is played throughout the parade but the style of the song changes to fit the characters passing your location. When the Lion King goes by it has an African beat then they go into a song from the movie and when Tiana goes by it changes to a jazz style.

       Unlike the last parade that I avoided this parade does not assault the ears or overload the eyes. The music is enjoyable and lively. There is just enough going on to keep your involved and entertained without overloading the senses and making you frustrated because you miss things.

       If you are at the park this summer I highly recommend you take the time to see this very enjoyable parade. It is a great show and fun way to give your Disney abused feet a break.

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