Friday, June 3, 2011

Here is an update on Cruising Disney Disabled!!

I told you in Cruising Disney Disabled that there were no outlets for medical equipment next to the bed. Here is an update on this information.
I know I contacted Disney after our cruise on 2005 and told them about the issue with having no outlet next to the bed to plug in my DH CPAP machine. At that time I told them they needed to add power outlets next to the beds.

On the Disney Dream and the upcoming Fantasy they have added outlets next to the beds! Power problems for medical devices are solved!

On the Magic and the Wonder you will still have that problem and will need to bring your own extension cord and I suggest a paper painter’s tape that does not damage carpet to tape it down. Yes, you can still use a Disney power cord but they may not have one to loan you and you will have to leave a deposit of $50 to use it. I will continue to check to see if they add outlets next the bed during dry dock or other times they do upgrades.

Disney does listen when you make suggestions! It may take them time to respond but adding outlets in a ship is hard. Adding them to a new ship is easy and they did it. This just shows you need to bring issues to Disney’s attention and then be patient. They may not be able to fix it for you but you may just help a future Disney guest.


  1. Good for you! I always travel with a power strip so I can plug in camera chargers, laptops, phones, etc. I hadn't thought about the CPAP issue. Disney is really great about listening to guests. We go on the Dream in November, can't wait!!

    Like your blog :-)

  2. I'm happy you like my blog!

    We always bring a power strip like you to plug in things just like you. But the power strip does not add enough length to plug in anything, especially needed items like a CPAP by the bed.

    We got off the Wonder on March 13 and I wrote them along letter about ports and directions, watch for upcoming blog on my "rant". Just a few weeks later they announced new ports for the ships and a lot of what I said they are doing. I believe other guests like me had told them the same thing. You are right, Disney does listen!


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