Monday, June 6, 2011

A Disney Cruise Rant ~ My Dreams for DCL

A Disney Cruise Rant ~ My Dreams for DCL

       I love the Disney Cruise. I love the family friendly entertainment, service and elegant feel of the ships. Does that mean I like everything the DCL does? Nope! Here is what I think needs to be worked on and what I see that Disney is already working on.

Families like to go where they feel safe. Parents & grandparents will not take children places they don’t feel safe. Mexico and Europe have gotten a little too violent and unsafe. When you get off a ship in some ports in Mexico there are soldiers in full battle gear with AK47s at the ready to guard the area. You know it is an unsafe place or at least that is the way I feel when you see that heavily armed guards. I understand the need for security but when it has to be this level it is not a place I wish to be. Other ports in Mexico had Mexican Navy in dress whites with side arms, holstered. I felt safe enough there and did relax as I walked around the port. Disney pulled out of the Europe for now. They say it is due to softer sales. I believe it is due to the geopolitical situation there. I understand why families decided not to book on cruises there. With the riots that shook the area it was becoming questionable if it was safe. If the future King of England can’t go to a charity event without being attacked and people yelling, “Off with their heads!” How can they keep someone visiting safe?

       Disney has pulled out of the Europe for now and has limited the ports it will go to in Mexico. They are also reducing the number of cruises out of Los Angeles to Mexico and changing directions to gage guest interest in other ports in the next year or two. This year the Mexican Rivera Cruise we were on was scheduled to go to Mazatlan but that port was canceled due to a rise in violence there.

       I would love to see Disney leave a ship in Hawaii and do Island hopping tours. With Disney’s new Aulani resort there it would be a perfect fit! Could you see a week long Island Hopping cruise topped off with a few days at the Aulani Resort? I sure could!!! If they don’t leave a ship there then I think they should add more 2 week trips from Los Angeles, Ca to Hawaii.  The one 2 week cruise to Hawaii from Los Angeles they scheduled for 2012 sold out in less than a week! Hey Disney people like the idea, keep doing it!!

I’m glad they have permanently placed the Wonder on the West Coast. I think they should change direction with the Wonder and go to Washington, Oregon and Canada and not go to Mexico at all. Washington, Oregon and Canada have fantastic and interesting places to explore near ports. They should stop in San Francisco and offer a visit to the Disney Family Museum or San Diego but not both on the same cruise as they are planning in 2012. I also like they are going to Alaska and hope they continue. Going out of Washington to Alaska makes it more affordable for my family.

I think the direction on the East Coast with the Magic is good. The fact they are going out of New York for part of the year and then moving the Magic to the Gulf of Mexico is fun and keeps things interesting. It also gives people choices of more places to go. Add to this some guests don’t go on a cruise because the airfare to get there is so costly. If the cruise leaves from a port near them they save money and can go. The combination of going out of New York and a day at WDW is fantastic! The only thing I think they could add is maybe heading up to Canada more.

The major thing I would love to see is a privet island like Castaway Cay for each area the Disney Cruise goes. I know that space, island or beach is limited in California so a West Coast space would be interesting to find. If not in California maybe a beach or island would be possible to find off of Washington, Oregon or Mexico. I have no idea if anything like that could be found in the Gulf of Mexico.

I think all the changes Disney Cruise Line is making in the next 2 years will help the American tourist industry and spur economic growth in the states they stop at. With that it will help the entire American economy as a whole keeping tourist money in America not taking it out of the country.

Ok rant over! LOL.

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