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Why a Disney Vacation?

Why a Disney Vacation?

Ok, I’ll admit it! I’m totally hooked on Disney!! My teenage daughter calls me a Disney freak or geek. At home I add Disney touches to my foods, even trying to recreate some of my favorite Disney meals. My décor and gifts I give are often homemade and have Disney touches. With all of that I’m surprised at people that ask me, “Why a Disney Vacation?’ when I tell them I’m going on a Disney trip. Let me explain why I choose Disney over other places. I’ve only been to WDW once, on the Disney Cruise twice but, I go to the Disneyland Resort once a month and stay there at least once a year. It is where I go to relax and celebrate.

I know whatever Disney Destination I choose the entertainment will be “family friendly”. It does not matter if it is one of the Disney Parks or the Disney Cruise I can depend on high quality, family friendly fun. I am also confident that Disney will do all they can to insure my safety. Does that mean accidents don’t happen at a Disney Park or on a Disney Cruise? No accidents do happen. Most of the time accidents happen when guests and cast members fail to follow the safety guidelines. I also know if I have a problem Disney staff will do their best to help. In short the one word answer to why Disney is Service.

Let me share a couple of things that make Disney the only place to go. In 2005 my husband and I decided we wanted to celebrate our 25th anniversary with a week stay at WDW and a one week cruise on the Disney Magic. My disabled father founded out about the trip and decided he just had to go. He knew he was too ill to travel alone and figured this would be the last trip he ever took. By the time my father was done taking over our 2nd honeymoon trip we had a group consisting of twelve family members and three family friends (two friends of ours and one elderly friend of my parents.) So in total we had a group of fifteen, fourteen adults and one ten year old, our daughter. Three of the people in our party were elderly and on scooters needing handicapped assistance. My husband also needed some help because he uses a CPAP machine when he sleeps at night. As you can guess this was a logistical nightmare!

Before we left for our 05 family trip I made hundreds of calls to Disney getting all the information I could on what rides those with limited mobility could ride on. I called to check out room accessibility for my parents and to insure my family had the room next to my folks so we could help if/when needed. Each and every call was a pleasure and I never felt rushed to get off the phone or that my questions were silly or unimportant.

When we got to our hotel room my husband realized that an important item had fallen out of the suitcase at home! The power cord for his CPAP machine was at home! We went right to the desk as asked if they knew where we could purchase a power cord, it is the same type used on large portable radios so it can be found at some specialty stores. We were informed that none of the stores at WDW would have it. At this point we expected to be handed the number for a taxi service and a phone book. The Cast Member at the desk then offered to call maintance to see if they could help.

The head of maintance for the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort came to our room just a few minutes after we returned from the hotel main desk. He told us to relax and not worry he would personally make sure there was a power cord for the CPAP before bedtime that night. He then left to check in the maintance office for an extra power cord. After an hour or so he returned saying he did not have a power cord for my hubby to use. By now we were getting really concerned because two weeks without a CPAP can be very unhealthy for those who need them.

Instead of being told get a taxi and find the store by ourselves the CM told my husband to get into his WDW truck and take a ride. He told me to relax with my daughter and have fun. We swam in the hotel pool while he drove my husband around Orlando, Fl until they found the correct power cord for my husband to buy. My husband tried to tip the CM but he refused to accept it saying it was what Disney paid him to do and it was a pleasure to offer this type of service.

While we were at the parks Disney Cast Members made sure our mobility limited party members were not rushed when getting on and off rides. When we would head toward a line for rides often a CM would come over quickly to show us where the handicapped entrance was located.

On the Disney Magic the handicapped stateroom for my folks was beautiful! Crew Members made sure my folks knew where they could plug in their scooters and often offered to help plug them in and moved them out of the way when my folks changed into regular seats. My father had too much difficulty transferring so he stayed on his scooter. After the first meal the table was always set so he was at the head of the table and it was easy for him to just pull up to the table.
      These are just a couple of many examples of good service I have received at Disney Parks and the Disney Cruise. I know if there is a problem it will be solved quickly and with compassion. If a CM does not know how to solve a problem they are empowered to say, “I do not know but please let me find out for you.” With this type of service why go anywhere else?

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