Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm Hungry and It's Not Time to Go to the Dining Room!

I'm Hungry and It's Not Time to Go to the Dining Room!

                Your on the Disney Cruise, you're hungry and it not time for you to go to the Dining room or you are not interested in eating at your assigned formal dining room. What do you do? You have many choices on where to eat if you don't want to wait for the main restaurant or you are hungry between meals.

                Your first and easiest choice for food at any time is room service. Most of the food and drinks delivered to your room are free! From fresh fruit to full meals it can come straight to you in your room. Alcohol and soda along with a few other things cost extra when delivered to your room. You still want a soda? Just go up to the drink station next to the Mickey Pool for soda and other drinks at any time during the day.

                There is the buffet at the aft of the ship. You can check the hours for meal service there. We enjoyed the buffet for breakfast and lunch. There are nice tables inside and out to eat at. Don't worry about carrying your food, the crew will gladly help you. In the evenings there is sit down table service if you wish to bypass your assigned dining room.

                If you just want to hang around the pool and not go to diner you can eat at the fast food service locations there.

                Everything I'm mentioned above is included in your cruise fees. You will not have to pay extra for this food. Now for some items you will need to pay for.

                For the adults there are a few other choices. There is a Sports Bar on every ship. This location serves alcohol and food at certain hours throughout the day. There are other lounges on the ship that serve food after 9 pm for adults only. During the day at limited hours those lounges are open for the families. Keep your eye on your Personal Navigator for hours at the various locations. If you don't want to pay extra for food on the cruise ask before you order if it is free! All drinks at the lounges cost. Some foods cost and some don't. An easy way to tell if they are going to charge you ask if they need your Key to the World Card. If they ask for the card you will be charged.

                If you can't find something you want to eat ask a crew member for help! They will be glad to help you find what you want. It does not matter if it is a snack or a meal they will be happy to make sure you have exactly what you want.

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