Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rainy Days at Disneyland

Rainy Days at Disneyland

          Yes it does happen! The old saying, It never rains in sunny California is not true! Walt did a smart thing building Disneyland in Southern California. The weather in this area is sunny and warm. While it is true there are more sunny days than not it does rain. So what do you do if it rains during your trip at Disneyland?

          First thing is don't worry, most of the time it does not rain for hours or days on end, so if you are on a several day vacation you should still have some days without rain. If it does rain there is still plenty to do. Most of the time So Cal rain is such that a light plastic poncho will more than protect you and keep you comfortable. Both umbrellas and ponchos can be purchased in many of the parks gift shops for a reasonable price. Just be aware than many of the shops don't have them on display, you will have to ask a cashier for them. Most of the time if it rains it may be cool but not bitterly cold. (Us Southern Californians think that anything below 60 is freezing. Such pampered, spoild things we are. LOL)

          If it is just sprinkling none of the rides or attractions will be affected. In fact if it is not very cold or you have a hotel room near the park where you can go to change you can hit the wet rides such as Splash Mountain and Grizzly Rapids. The lines for the wet rides will be very short. We often will grab ponchos during spring and fall rains and hit those rides and enjoy the feeling of having them to ourselves.

          If there is lightning near the park some of the coasters, such as Big Thunder and Screamn' will be closed for safety. Other than a few of those rides being closed everything should be running as usual. This is done for the safety of the guests. Also the fireworks and Fantasmic could be canceled if there are high winds or lightning.

          So what can you do if it is raining and you want to get out of the rain? Explore Innoventions. Check out the story time in the little boy's room in the House of the Future. How about watching a few shows? Billy Hill and the Hillbillies, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Aladdin the Musical, Muppets 3D and It's Tough to be a Bug are just a few places to get out of the wet. There are also other inside rides such as Space Mountain, Star Tours and Astro Blasters. If you want several hours away from the weather, try going to Downtown Disney and watching a movie at the AMC Theater. That will give you two or more hours inside without worries.

          You can also find a nice place to eat inside. I suggest you call ahead and make a reservation so you know for sure you have a place inside to eat, others will be thinking the same way. If you are not hungry wonder the shops during the heaviest rains. You can walk almost the entire length of Main Street and not step outside by walking from one shop to another. If that is not enough you can wonder the Downtown Disney and check the shops there.

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