Sunday, November 20, 2011

Main Street Vehicles

Main Street Vehicles

          When Walt was designing Disneyland he wanted Main Street to be a representation of Main Street in any small town in America. He "populated" his town with everyday shops that you would normally find.

          When the park first opened there was an Apothecary (pharmacy), Watch Shop, Music Store and a Ladies Bra Shop along with a Market, Clothing Stores, Emporium, Magic Shop, Candy Store, Chrystal Shop and other shops and entertainment you would find on Main Street, Anywhere, U.S.A.

          To add to the ambiance and complete the emotional feel of being in a small town back in the 1910 or so Walt added vehicles you might have seen if you were there. There are the Horsedrawn-Street Cars, Fire Engine, Horseless Carriage and Omnibus. All of these show the development of transportation in America. All of the vehicles are a relaxing way to see Main Street.

          So climb aboard a vintage vehicle for a ride back in time. Whether it's a fiery red fire engine, a horse-drawn carriage or one of those new fangled cars, there's nothing like the Main Street Vehicles for a one-way, turn-of-the-century trip. There are two stops on this ride and you can start at either end of Main Street. The stops are at the Town Square end below the Main Street Train Station and around the Central Hub at the front of Castle.

Fire Engine, presented by National Car Rental

          This candy apple red fire engine is ready to rescue tired and hurried feet, and whisk them safely to the other end of Main Street, U.S.A. on a one-way trip. This little engine stops in Town Square and near Sleeping Beauty Castle in Central Plaza. This is a great ride for the young and young at heart. You can ring the bell at the back of the Fire Engine as you travel down Main Street. If your kids are very good they may be awarded a Jr. Firefighter Badge sticker.

Horseless Carriage, presented by National Car Rental

          Ah-ooo-ga! This vintage, open-air car turns heads as it putters down Main Street, U.S.A. Meticulously modeled after authentic 1903 vehicles, all its horses are under the hood! Catch a one-way ride in Town Square or in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle near Central Plaza. Feel free to chat with your driver as you go down Main Street and get information about the history of Main Street.

Omnibus, presented by National Car Rental

          Get a vintage vantage point from this Omnibus as it tools gently on a one-way trip down Main Street, U.S.A. Modeled after a 1920 New York City double-decker, this 45-passenger bus stops in Town Square and near Sleeping Beauty Castle in Central Plaza.

          Ride on the top level and check out the Second Story Windows of the Main Street Buildings. Listen to your driver tell you about the shops and some of the Main Street Windows.

Horse-Drawn Streetcars, presented by National Car Rental

          Hop on a glossy streetcar drawn by one of our barnyard beauties for a one-way trip down Main Street, U.S.A. This turn-of-the-century conveyance carries up to 30 passengers, picking up at Town Square and Sleeping Beauty Castle in Central Plaza.

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