Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Main Street Second Story Windows

Main Street Second Story Windows

          On Main Street U.S.A. in both Disneyland and at Walt Disney World there are very special and unique windows. These windows honor Disney Legends.
          First off let's talk about what is a Disney Legend. A Disney Legend is a person or corporation that has contributed to the history and development of Disney. They add to the family feeling and growth of the legend that is Disney. Among the Disney Legends are Wally Boag, Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, Dick VanDyke and Tim Allen.
          When a person is inducted as a Disney Legend they are given a window on Main Street. Their name is placed on their window but they are given an interesting job title and a "business". For example Wally Boag's window says, Golden Vaudeville Routines - Wally Boag - Prop. It was given in honor of his years of performing on the stage of the Golden Horseshoe Saloon. The person also gets a small version of the window to take home with them.
          One of the easiest ways to get a good view of the windows is to ride the Omni Bus and sit on the second level. Just be aware you will need to ride it both directions to see them all. Not all of the windows can be seen from the bus as they are back from the street in some of the little side areas. You can see them from the street but may have to dodge the guests and Main Street vehicles to get pictures.
          You use to be able to walk into City Hall on Main Street and get a printed list of the Main Street Windows. Several years ago when I asked they offered to mail me a copy instead. So if you are planning a trip and want a copy of the list of Main Street Windows you may want to call ahead for a list or check your local book store for a book about them.
          If you are interested in Disney History and the people who made and make the magic then stop and look at the windows. Write down the names or get a list and look around and find out about them.
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