Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Pools of the Disney Cruise Line Ships

          Did you know that each Disney Cruise Ship has four pools?? Yes you read that right FOUR!! So why four pools and what is the difference?
          First off the pools are found on Deck 9 on the Magic and Wonder and on Deck 11 on the Dream and Fantasy (Fantasy will be in service early 2012). This is the outdoor play area of the ships. All the pools are fresh water and heated.

          The first and most popular pool on all the ships for families with little ones is the Mickey Pool. It is located toward the aft of the ship near the buffet restaurant. This pool is shallow enough for the little squirts to splash and play. Parents can sit and relax in deck chairs and watch or join the little one in play. The main pool of Mickey Pool is a 2 ft deep pool shaped like everybody's favorite mouse, Mickey! Nearby is a one deck high water slide for the kids (sorry no adults allowed.) There is also a water play area for the little ones in this area. Near the Mickey pool you will also find the Soda/Drink station that is open for free soda, juice, milk, coffee and tea 24 hours a day.
          Between the Mickey kids Pool and the Family Pool (called the Goofy Pool on the Magic and Wonder and the Donald Pool on the Dream and Fantasy) there are several fast food places. Here you can grab a quick snack while you play in the pools. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Pizza and Ice Cream are the treats you can find here. These food service locations have limited hours so make sure you check your Personal Navigator for hours they will be open.
Guests Swim in the Long Pool as Cinderella is Screened Above It
          Now to the Family Pool. The Family Pool is called the Goofy or Donald Pool depending on what ship you are on. This pool is designed for families to hang out together. Above the pool is the Funnel Vision Screen (a 24 x 14 ft video screen) where movies and virtual tours of the bridge play most hours of the day. Several times during the cruise this pool is covered and the area used for Deck Parties. It is here you will start your cruise with the Sail Away Deck Party and later in the cruise you will dance the night away with the Pirates In the Caribbean at the PITC Deck Party.
Donald's Pool
          The Goofy Pool is 4 ft deep on the Magic and Wonder while the Donald Pool is 5 ft deep on the Dream and Fantasy. The Goofy Pool also has two whirlpool spas for the adults sit in as the kids play in the pool. There are no whirlpool spas at the Donald Pool. Both pools have crew hosted games at various times. Check your Personal Navigator for times. This pool is located mid ship on Deck 9 (Magic & Wonder) and on Deck 11 (Dream & Fantasy).
Lights Reflect off the Serene Pool and Whirlpool Gazebo at Night
          Now for the pool the adults will love and the kids will only dream about getting in. The Quiet Cove Pool is the adult only pool on all the Disney Cruise Line Ships and is 4 ft deep. Even though it is just a few feet down the Deck from the family pool you don't hear the noise. It is truly a Quiet Cove to relax in. Here you will find a quiet haven to relax. All four ships have two large hot tubs in this area. There is a swim up bar and other adult only lounges in this area. There is scheduled live entertainment at the pool.

          On the Fantasy the adults will also have one more special place to relax and cool of in the water. Deck 13's Satellite Falls is a place to sit and relax. Here you can sit and relax on benches around a shallow splash pool surrounded by a cascading rain curtain.
          Ok I'll mention another bit of water fun on the Dream and Fantasy. The Aqua Duck! The Aqua Duck is located on Deck 12. It is a clear plastic tube water coaster. It is a fun ride that starts on Deck 12 and goes off the side of the ship, through one of the funnels and ends in a lazy river area 4 decks below. This is for all the kids and adults that are up to the adventure and fit the age/height requirements.
          Now I did mention a fourth pool. This pool is not for kids, families or adults. This pool is only for the crew and is located at the bow of the ship. Access to this pool is strictly limited to crew but you can see it for upper decks.
          So when you are packing for the Disney Cruise don't forget to pack your swim suit and suntan lotion! Don't worry about a towel because there are plenty at the pools. See ya at the pools!!!

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