Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shall we go to Disneyland or Walt Disney World??

Shall we go to Disneyland or Walt Disney World?

          You have saved up and are planning a Disney Trip. Where do you go? Disneyland Resort (DLR) or Walt Disney World (WDW)? What is the difference?

          Disneyland Resort has two parks, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure and three hotels. There are many other non Disney hotels within walking distance of the parks. Many of the rides at the parks are also found at WDW but there are differences in the rides. DLR is 160 acres in size. DLR is more compact and things are closer together. I live in So. Cal. and go to DLR often. I've only spent one week at WDW.

          If you need to go to a market or would like to eat off Disney property to save money there are many options right around the park. Many are within walking distance and within driving distance you have all major markets, stores (such as Walmart) and restaurants. This gives you the option to drop by, let's say Walmart and pick up a case of water and snacks to take into the park once you get to the resort. You can also get groceries to save you money on meals.

          There is enough to do at DLR that if you want to ride every ride and see every show and attraction you can do that in five to seven days without running yourself crazy. I say a week is a perfect amount of time and you can do the things you enjoy a second time.

          If you go to WDW there are four parks, two water parks, golf, twenty-three themed resort hotels and a campground. The WDW Resort property is 30,080 acres (47 sq miles) in size. Things are spread out and there are Disney Buses and boats to take you from one location to another. There are gift shops with resort priced snacks, drinks and some minor food items but there are no markets if you wish to save money making sandwiches. You also can go off property if you have a car or wish to call a taxi.

          There are hotels and vacation homes you can rent around the park. If you choose to stay off property you will have to drive into the park. There are stores outside but you will need to drive to them taking out of your fun time at WDW. It is harder to bring in food and such to save money at WDW because of the logistics.

          Just because of its size of WDW it is impossible to see everything even if you are there for a week. My personal experience and feeling is you can't do less than a week at WDW if it is your first time. That is just enough time to get a good taste of the adventures you can find there. I can only guess it would take several weeks or a month to see everything and even then I don't think you could see everything there.

          Now I'll tell you my emotional response to choosing the park to go to. I'll leave the fact that I go to DLR at least once a month out of it.

          DLR is more compact and feels like you are playing in Uncle Walt's personal playground. In fact you are, Walt built Disneyland so he could have a place to play. Things are closer and smaller at DLR due to the limited space. WDW is huge and it feels impersonal to me. Both are fun and have plenty of fun to offer. It is up to you where you go. I do suggest that any true Disney fan must see DLR at least once because it is the original. There is so much history there.

          I love the intimate feeling of DLR. I appreciate the history and the feeling of walking in Walt's footsteps at Disneyland. But I will not turn down time at WDW either.

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