Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goofy's Fly School

Goofy's Fly School

          Goofy's Fly School is a "new" attraction at Disney California Adventure. In truth this is not a new ride but a re-theming of the Mulholland Madness rollercoaster.

          The original Mulholland Madness had signs that were jokes based on the famous Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, California. Having grown up in the area depicted by the ride and having driven the real Mulholland Drive I found it fun and a piece of California. The ride was a laugh at the Californian love affair with our cars.

          Other than the name and signage the ride is the same. It is the same track and cars. The cars were changed from various types of cars, from cabs to police cars to the body of a training airplanes.

          The Paradise Pier looked like the "real" Santa Monica Pier. The Sun Wheel was changed and re-themed to Mickey's Fun Wheel. The Orange Stinger became Silly Symphony Swings. In making these changes they lost some of the California feel.

          At first I was upset when I heard Mulholland Madness was being re-themed because something else uniquely California was removed. I then rethought that and remembered what business was big in the "small town" of Burbank, California where I grew up. While I was growing up the Aerospace business was huge with Lockheed Martin and others headquartered there.

          So in the long run Goofy's Fly School as a place in Disney CALIFORNIA Adventure. Strap yourself in and enjoy your flight!

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