Monday, November 7, 2011

Do you DIY Disney for Christmas??

Do you DIY Disney for Christmas??

          Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is coming. Christmas is right around the corner!! So are you excitedly getting ready? If so are you making your own Christmas gifts and decorations? I know I always make a few. I'll share some of mine and hope they spark some creative thoughts in you.

          I always go wondering around the Disney Store, Disney Shopping Online, Disneyland and anywhere else I can find Disney themed items. I also look at non Disney items and think about how I can make them Disneyfied.
Not a Christmas themed apron but still one of my Disney aprons.
          You know the cute hand towels and washcloths that are made for Christmas with cute Snowmen on them? Why not make them Mickey Snowmen by adding a Mickey Ear Hat on the head of the Snowmen. You can even do it totally yourself by getting a package of inexpensive hand towels, washcloths, dish towels and even plain red or green cotton aprons. Cut out Snowmen shapes in plain white material. Cut out a Mickey Ear Hat sized to fit on the head of the snowmen you cut out. Sew the hat onto the snowmen. Then sew the snowmen onto the desired item. Now you can add button or cut material eyes or even just cross stitch some eyes and a mouth. The nose can be an orange piece of material shaped like a carrot or once again you can cross stitch it on. The arms can be brown pieces of material cut to look like twigs or cross stitch arms with brown thread. These may be this year's Christmas gifts from our home.

          I crochet and I've designed a Mickey/Minnie Christmas Tree Skirt. Here is a picture.
          As gifts I've made scarves. Here are two different patterns I've come up with.
          I love salt dough!! Here are some Mickey/Minnie Christmas ornaments I made a few years back. On one side It is Mickey with a jaunty little Santa hat. The other side is Minnie with her bow on the Santa hat. These are fun things the kids can join in making!
          I will be posting these and other crafts (A few of mine. Many from and other places. Some Disney, some not.) in Walt's Basement in Tinker Bell's Hobby Lobby. Here is the link so you can find some ideas.

Mickey Icon blanket I designed and made for my daughter.
          If you join Walt's Basement you can share your crafty ideas in Tink's Hobby Lobby as well. It is open for all to share! You can also share your ideas on either of my Facebook pages.

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