Thursday, November 17, 2011

Disney Animation at Disney California Adventure

Disney Animation

There is a fantastic place in the Hollywood Backlot area of Disney California Adventure to learn about Disney Animation.

Behold the art of bringing Disney characters to life, from pencil to pixel! Step into the Disney Animation building and learn firsthand the secrets of how animators apply their imagination to the screen through a magical collection of interactive adventures!

The Animation Courtyard

When you enter the circular lobby, marvel at the enormous multimedia displays and breathtaking sound system. Original character sketches appear on giant screens along with clips from the films. Keep an eye out for alluring light patterns that paint the floor, as well as other optical treats!

Music and pictures pull you into Disney movies of the past and present. This is a great place to come sit and relax for a few. You can warm up or cool off as needed.

It is a great place to learn about the art of animation. You can go from area to area learning something interesting. Come along and see what there is to learn.

This is the hub from which you can access the other experiences. So from here you can step on into any of the following wings:

Animation Academy

In this magical classroom learn the secrets of how to draw a classic Disney character with a hands-on lesson from a Disney artist! When class is over, you can take home your masterpiece.

It is fun to go back on different days because each day they teach you how to draw a different character. This is one of my families favorite places in the Animation Building.

Character Close-Up

In Character Close-Up, discover how Disney artists create the characters loved the world over. Gaze upon the amazing works in this gallery dedicated to the art and artists of Disney animation. Learn from their sketches how Disney characters change over time, from initial concept to final format.

And don't miss the mesmerizing Toy Story Zoetrope! Instead of using traditional, one-dimensional drawings, the Toy Story Zoetrope features 3-D figures of characters from the Disney·Pixar film Toy Story 2 mounted on spinning disks. As the disks whirl under a flashing strobe light, the characters appear to come to life right before your eyes!

This area is amazing to look at. I do believe this room should come with a warning. The flashing strobe lights can be a problem for people with seizure disorders. If you or a member of your party is prone to seizures be careful in this room.

Sorcerer's Workshop

Check out these 3 rooms that each contain interactive experiences exploring the development of character appearance, personality and voice:

· Magic Mirror Realm — Enter ye into this medieval castle and learn how to create simple animation. The very walls reveal many of your favorite Disney characters beautifully arranged by theme: Fairies and Spirits, Heroes, Villains and Mentors. See if you can spot the artful astrological symbols that grace each one!

In the Magic Mirror Realm you can draw a animation strip and place it in the zoetrope and give it a spin! Make sure you draw your lines dark so you can clearly see it animate as it spins.

This is a great place to explore how the brain can be tricked into believing a static picture can move. If you have younger kids you may want to read up on how your brain is tricked into seeing the pictures move before you go.

· The Beast's Library — Find your "Disney self" in this glorious library that fades to disrepair as the Beast's famous rose loses its petals! The library repairs itself before it darkens again, its pristine draperies becoming tattered and aged. Sit at one of the royal storybooks and take a quiz to discover which of the Disney characters you are most like.

This is a fun location for pictures. I wish Disney sold or allowed you to e-mail the pictures they take of you when you do the personality test.

They do have special royal storybooks for wheelchairs.

· Ursula's Grotto — "Become" the voices of classic Disney characters in a mini-theater! Venture into the villainesses' undersea grotto and stand in each "movie pod," where you can choose to either act or sing in a famous Disney movie scene. The pod will play back the scene on 2 different projection surfaces complete with your voice! If you watch carefully, you might get a glimmer of Ursula's henchman, Flotsam and Jetsam, slithering around the room.

What a fun way to see how voices are put to the movies we love! See what it takes to get the voices to match the character. Just don't let Ursula keep your voice!

Turtle Talk with Crush

Check it, dudes! You can totally talk to Crush in this awesome interactive encounter at the Animation Screening Room. Chill with the righteous surfer turtle from Disney·Pixar's Finding Nemo and learn mondo facts about his aquatic life as he asks you questions about being human.

Later, dudes!

This is a great way for kids to ask Crush how turtles live. Feel free to ask questions! What do turtles eat? How long do they live? What about the other fish in the sea?

Just keep your eyes open for some of Crush's other friends! You never know who may show up!

Guest Policies

· Assistive listening devices which amplify the audio may be used at this location and are available at Guest Relations.

· Guest-activated captioning is available on selected preshow video monitors in this attraction. Please contact a Cast Member at the location for assistance.

· Guests may remain in their wheelchair or Electric Convenience Vehicle to experience this attraction.

· Wheelchair Access: Enter through the standard queue and proceed to the Courtyard Gallery, the main lobby of the building. From here, select from the show options listed below and proceed to the appropriate entrance.

· Turtle Talk with Crush: Inside the theater, ask a Cast Member for assistance. Wheelchair and companion seating positions and removable armrest seating positions are dispersed throughout the theater.

· Animation Academy: Inside the theater, refer to the wheelchair symbol imbedded in the flooring for viewing areas designated for Guests using wheelchairs and Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECVs) or ask a Cast Member for assistance.

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