Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Food has Changed at Disneyland

The Food has Changed at Disneyland

          I remember the days years ago when most of what you found to eat at Disneyland was hot dogs, corn dogs hamburgers and fries. If you wanted anything other than that it was an expensive meal. Boy, have times changed things! I remember in 1979 I went to Disneyland with my best friend and the only near reasonably priced place to get anything other than a hot dog or hamburger was the French Market Café. It was one of the few places you could get a side of fresh fruit if you wanted.

          Boy, have times changed! Along the path ways fruit, vegetables and juice carts have replaced the hot dog carts. Some were replaced by the occasional Turkey Leg vender. This is not to say all you will find is healthy foods just there is more of a choice now.

          The Red Truck still sells the best Corn Dogs in town and usually has a line when open. The Corner Café on Main Street still offers Hot Dogs along with the Ragtime piano music. The Village Haus still serves burgers but they are more "upscale" and the kids menu does offers healthier choices. They now offer salads and other lighter fare. Red Rockets Pizza Port does not serve as much Pizza as it once did. Instead they have salads and pasta dishes.

          I recently went to the River Belle Restaurant, in New Orleans Square for diner with a friend. I don't eat much and usually a kid's meal is more than enough for me. I ordered the kids Roast Beef Sandwich. It was a nice size sandwich on a fresh roll and was the equivalent to about 1/2 to 2/3 of a normal size sandwich. I was given two sides with my sandwich, apple slices and red grapes along with a drink. The choices for drink were milk, low fat milk, low fat chocolate milk, juice or water. (I went with the chocolate milk.) It was just the right amount of food and was not way over priced at about $6. Around the parks apples slices, grapes and carrots are replacing fries and bread as sides for kid meals.

          The candy, popcorn, hot dogs, corn dogs, burgers, fries and pizza are still available but Disney is helping families visiting the park eat more like they might at home or maybe even a bit healthier. With offering fresh fruits and vegetables round the park at various carts and the healthier choices available in the restaurants families can enjoy without feeling as guilty.

          So whatever your desire, super healthy or no so you can find something to fit your taste at Disney Parks. If you have special dietary needs when dinning at a Disney Restaurant make sure your server knows so they can do all they can to accommodate you.
To make dining reservations at DLR restaurants call
1-714-781-DINE or 1-714-781-3463
Let them know of any special needs in advance.

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