Sunday, September 29, 2013

My World of Color Winter Dream Honor Choir Adventure

My World of Color Winter Dream Honor Choir Adventure

Yesterday my best friend and I attempted to record my audition for the World of Color Honor Choir. The idea is simple. Having already practiced and learned the song it was time to record. All we needed to do was find a quiet place, put something black behind yourself, attach earphones or a headphones to your computer so you can hear the music the sound of the music not be out in the room, make sure your computer webcam is ready, check the sound recording to make sure your singing is not recorded to loudly so it is not distorted and finally SING.

First off finding a place where I could put a large piece of black poster board and stand was an interesting challenge. We finally thought of placing the poster board on the inside of the front door. Next was setting the camera so it caught the singers face and the black background with nothing else. FUN every time we looked a sliver of the white door could be seen.

After setting up our recording location we needed QUIET. Living in So. Cal the weather is pleasant and in fact a little warm so windows can’t be closed or fans/Air conditioning must be on. I told my teenage daughter what we were doing and that we needed quiet. My daughter and her friends were outside on the lawn chatting. At times their laughter and voices would be heard inside. They needed to come in and several times one or another of the girls came in while we were recording. The attempted to be quiet but it is impossible to be quiet enough when recording. I also have 2 dogs and 2 cats who would occasionally let themselves be known. The pets were less of a problem than the girls. The cats were quiet except when we were taking a break. The dogs only barked a couple of times.

My friend has trouble with ear buds so she opted to use the headphones with the built in mic. This worked well, mostly during practice but when the time came to record she felt the recording was giving her feedback. We never got a satisfactory. By the time she done I had a short time to try before I had to stop for the day. As I started my daughter’s friends come in.

Now has this deterred me from auditing? NO!! I’m going to go get another poster board so I can have a larger black space behind me. I’m going to LOCK the doors and put a note on it saying, “Recording in progress!! Do not enter, knock or disturb in any way.”

The audition video must be submitted by October 6th so there is still a little time. If you would like to join or find out more about the Disney California Adventure Winter Dreams Honor Choir just check out the link below! They are accepting professional and non-professional singers for this project to be shown as part of the Holiday Glow World of Color Show.

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