Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy birthday Pixie Pranks!! From Pan daMan

Happy Birthday Pixie Pranks!!
From Pan daMan

Just a few thoughts from the person who “The Pranking Pixie” plays her pranks on. My lovely bride and I have been married for 33 ½ years.

Disney has been a major part of our lives from the day we feel in love in New Orleans Square to this day. She is by far the most dyed in the wool, dedicated, and wacked out Disney fan I have ever meet. She lives and breaths Disney and loves to collects Disney information.

Today is the three year anniversary of the first day she posted on her blog. For a time she had been talking to other bloggers and with some encouragement from others and myself she created her blog and took the huge leap and posted. In the first month she had a total of 164 views with an average of 5.5 views a day. The next month she had a total of 128 views with an average of 4.1 views a day. Then in November she had 15 views and an average of 0.5 views a day. She just kept posting and working at it. In December she had 265 views with an average of 8.5 per day. At end of 2010 she had 572 views total. She was excited to have people actually looking at her blog.

In the first 3 months of 2011 the views were 113, 60 and 194. With the averages 3.6, 2.1 and 6.3. And she kept plugging on.  In April it jumped to 603 then may 617. She was so excited that the count was around 30 a day. Then lighting stuck on June 1 2011, Reddy-Creek asked permission and Tweeted a link to Pixie-Pranks. In June she had 1821 views and she has not looked back since then.   Every month the count increased with November having the highest count in 2011 with 5389 and December just a bit lower at 5127. She finished 2011 with an annual total of 28485 and an all-time total of 29057.
In 2012 the count steadily increased with some slight variance from 6114 in January to 10302 in October. November had a cosmic drop to 9972 but it recovered in December with a month total of 13439. She had an annual total of 100215 and an all-time total of 129272. Every day she would look at her posts and truly be amazed and thankful for every view and reader.

This year the count has varied 9674 in July (she slowed down in July her posting to write the back ground portions of her D23 postings and of course August recovered with an 11240 count) to an all-time high of 16001 in April. With the rest of the counts are in the 12000 to 14500 range.

As of this posting today the annual count for 2013 is 102254 and the all-time total is 231645. Almost half of all her views have been this year alone! She is set to break the quarter million mark in about a month and an half or less.  
We often fondly remember when a daily count of 30 was great, then 100, 200 and 300 less than a year ago.

This has been a wild ride with so many ups and downs. It has been full of surprises like “Film Strip Friday!! BAMBI” (6667 views), “Remembering Wally Boag and Betty Taylor” (6644 views), “DUMBO (5901), “Disney Cruise Line Door Décor!!” (4663 views) and “Every Princess Has a Royal Villain Ariel Had Two in One” (3511 views) being the top five viewed posts of all-time. Also her blog is viewed in all parts of the world.  Her top ten countries are USA (124993), France (13865), Germany (9888), UK (9157), Russia (5415), Canada (4878 views), India (2236), Sweden (1727), Italy (1193) and Philippines (1139).

In the last 30 days Poland, China, Austria, Indonesia and Romania have drastically increased their views. And in the last 24 hours Colombia, Serbia, Greenland have added their viewership. In the past there has been notable views from Japan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Congo, South Africa, Mexico and Peru. Just under half of her all-time views are outside the US.

I have truly loved watching my Pixie grow as a writer and a person. We truly feel blessed to have opportunity to share her truly heart felt love of all things Disney. I want to thank all of you personally that follow and read this blog.
Congratulations to “Pixie Pranks” and to my lovely Pixie.

All of these numbers are correct, I’m the crazy loon who loves to see the trends and totals.  I created a spread sheet to track her numbers. By inputting each days total she gets the month total, the last 7, 14, 21 and 28 day average. Also the annual and all-time total. Then she can review in another part of the spread sheet all of her Month Totals and Daily Averages from first month to current. And if she really wants to “Drill down” she can see the percent increases by month as compared to the previous year. It is in both grid and graph formats. And NO I don’t do this for a living, I do this kind of stuff to relax after a long day at the Medical center I work at.

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  1. Yes my husband got into my Blogger account today! (think I should change the password? Naaaaa!!!!)

    Thank you Pan daMan for getting into my account and posting this!! Your support means the world to me.

    I hope all of you reading this enjoy seeing how far you have taken this little one person blog.


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