Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pan daMan Asks, "When Will Pixie Pranks Reach 250,000 Views"!

Hey All, Another Note from Pan daMan.

At some time on 9/24/2013 “Pixie Pranks” count went over 240,000. We believe the count will cross over a quarter of a million in the next month. I want to celebrate the day that it does by giving someone a $25 Disney gift card. I will give it to the person who can predict the day that it will happen. If you can predict the hour I will double it.
Just a few rules:
1.     Please post the date and hour that you think it will happen by 1200 midnight 9/30. (IE…10/14 at 5:00 - 6:00 am and first name and the first initial of your last name)
2.    If you post your reply on this site and you do not want to post you information in “Public’ then post the date and time only then send an e-mail to and state the date and time that you posted on the site.
3.    Post your prediction (reply) on this site or Facebook site.
4.    If more than one person predicts the date then the person who guess’s the closest hour will win the $25 gift card.
5.    If no one predicts the date then we will have a random drawing of the 5 people that were closest.
6.    We will post who wins within 24 hours of it crossing over the quarter of a million mark.
7.    Only one guess per person.
8.    Gift card will be sent out no later than 4-6 weeks after the winner is announced.
Hint: If you want to see an overview of the sites stats go to my early post at:


  1. I have posted my guess. I hope to win Girl Thanks

  2. Thanks for posting your guess! Good luck Annette!

  3. The current number of total all time views at the right side of this page just above the blog archive listing if you wish to see where the count is today.


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