Saturday, September 21, 2013

Buttons and Fun Galore


There is always something to celebrate and some of the best places to celebrate are the Disney Parks and Cruise. Disney has a celebration button for every celebration event! Take a look at my collection! Some I got at the parks when celebrating and some I traded for. All are fun to me!

No matter what the celebration to get your button stop in at Guest Relations and tell them what you are celebrating! You do NOT have to be there on the day to be celebrating. You may have a birthday in August but decide to wait until November to celebrate at Disney. No problem, Disney will give you the button! They understand that schedules do not always allow you to take your vacation on your special day.

One of the most popular reasons to celebrate at a Disney Destination is a Birthday! Here are the “Happy Birthday” buttons from the parks and cruise.

Another reason to visit is your Anniversary and Disney has “Happy Anniversary” buttons for the happy couple!

Celebrating your Happily Ever After? There’s a “Happily Ever After” button for that!!

Disney did have “Just Engaged” buttons to give happy couples that got engaged at the parks, but sadly these have been discontinued.

The blushing bride and her hansom groom can have “Just Married” buttons! I'm still working on getting one from WDW.

Did your child lose a tooth on the cruise or at the park? There is an “I’ve Lost a Tooth” button to make them feel special! I only have the Cruise button but I’m working on the park versions and I know they have them at the hotels. Disney Cruise has the “Tooth Fairy” leave the button along with a certificate stating they lost their tooth on the cruise and a gift certificate to the ship gift shop on the child’s bed. (Your room steward will be happy to help the “Tooth Fairy” by leaving the gift pack.) I don’t know if the land based Disney Destinations do the same.

There is an “I’m Celebrating Button” that goes along with all the others. If someone in your party is celebrating their birthday the rest of the party gets an “I’m Celebrating” button.

Is it your first visit to the parks? Well stop in at Guest Relations and ask for a “First Visit” button!

For those that do something nice or just catch the attention of a Cast Member that happens to have one there is the prize of the buttons the “Honorary Citizen” parks buttons! WDW generally does not give these out much but DLR is much more giving with them. I found a small amount of money on the ground at Disneyland and took it to City Hall and turned it in. My reward was my prized “Honorary Citizen” button. Someone found a Duffy Bear I lost in the park and set up a time to meet at the park to return it. I told Guest Relations and they gave me a HC button to give the nice person.

DLR has two very fun buttons not available at WDW or on the cruise. Disneyland Resort has several Facebook pages. Disneyland (official FB page), Disneyland Annual Passholder, Disneyland Today and Disney California Adventure Today. If you follow DL Today and DCA Today’s FB pages and Twitter feed you will find out where they are giving out these two fun buttons for a few hours during each week. During the summer months they are out and about often giving out the “I’m Following DL/DCA” buttons almost every day in different locations. During the “off season” they only do it a couple of days a week. Sometimes you can get more than just a button! Sometimes they are also giving away Ear Hats, Fastpasses or cookies. Often there is a riddle to solve to find them and only the first limited number of people get the “extra goodie” above the button.

Some restaurants also have buttons that you are given when you eat there. I do have a few from DLR.

Other discontinued buttons are the “Family Reunion” and “Magical Gathering”. I only have them from WDW and never saw them at DLR. When I asked I was told they were discontinued.

Here is a suggestion. If your family is spending several days at Disney celebrate something different each day! Celebrate a different family member’s birthday each day until each has had their “Birthday” and then celebrate your Anniversary if married. That way everybody gets their special celebration and button. Disney Cruise Line is most happy to accommodate with this bringing out special deserts at dinner and the Parks don’t mind either!

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