Monday, September 2, 2013

Mickey Mouse in Get a Horse!

Mickey Mouse in Get a Horse!
D23 Expo attendees got a first look at a never before seen Mickey Mouse Short! This is a unique short cartoon! This cartoon will play before the feature film Frozen in November 2013.

John Lasseter came out and introduced the “head” of the Animation Library (Better known to all Disney Geekdom as ‘the Morgue’) She discussed a new find in a privet collectors hands of a single drawing of the classic Mickey Mouse that lead to a fantastic and larger find. She showed how by looking at the style of paper (2 holes for holding it to the drawing table vs 3) she could place the general decade it was done. Then she pointed out some numbers on the paper that indicated it was an unfinished 4th Mickey Mouse cartoon from 1928. After that she said they had found the film and had decided to show it to the D23 attendees. After watching the cartoon it is obvious this is not a find of an old lost Mickey Mouse cartoon but an entirely new cartoon.

This amazing cartoon was directed by Lauren MacMullan and is totally worth seeing by any true animation and/or Disney fan. First off the majority of the cartoon is done in the style of Ub Iwerks (the original creator of Mickey Mouse and main animator of Mickey cartoons in the early years). It is roughly drawn in black and white and animated in the style used in 1928. The humor is crude and in some moments boarders on bawdy but never crosses to crass, once again in keeping with the 1928 style Mickey Mouse shorts.

The animators all knew how to draw Mickey Mouse but had to “go back to school” to learn to draw him in the Ub Iwerks style. Also the fact that they combined hand drawn animation with CGI is incredible! (stopping spoiler talk now) This was obviously a very difficult cartoon to make and I believe it is a stepping stone to more technological breakthroughs in animation at the Disney Studios.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!    Read no further if you do not want the surprise spoiled then come back after November 2013!!!

During the cartoon characters get tossed out of the screen and go from flat 2D animation in black and white to full CGI 3D color! This is eye popping and amazingly done!

Someone is going to have to update Walt Disney’s IMDP page because besides staying faithful to the early style of drawing for Mickey Mouse they used the original voice of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney! This will be the first time in decades Walt will be credited for voicing Mickey Mouse.

Besides the technical triumph of going from 2D Black & White to 3D Color they added Walt’s voice to the entire cartoon. This was done by going back over all he had done in the early cartoons and splicing them together to fit their needs. There was only one word they could not find Walt saying as Mickey Mouse, RED! It took 2 weeks to piece the sounds together to make the word RED for Mickey to say in this cartoon so I hope you listen for it to be said.

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