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Other Writing by Your Pranking Pixie ~ An Angel Remembers 25 Voices of Christmas

Other Writing by Your Pranking Pixie
Carolyn Hoagland

I’ve shared this the last couple of years around Christmas time. I’ve written and e-published a collection of Christmas Stories. It is called An Angel Remembers 25 Voices of Christmas.

This book was a labor of love for my daughter and I started writing it in 1995 and published it in 2011. At this time I am offering the first 25 people to like my books Facebook page and message me on my book’s Facebook page a free ecopy of the book. You can download it at in ANY ereader format or as a PDF to read on your computer or print.

Here is an overview of the book:
During the holiday season it is easy for families to lose track of each other and forget to spend a few moments a day together truly celebrating the Reason for the Season. This collection of "advent" stories to be read one a day through the days leading to Christmas to help bring the story of Christ's birth alive and bring your family together.

Here are 3 places you can purchase the book:

iTunes Store
Just time in the title of the book or my name Carolyn Hoagland (This is where you can download my book in ANY ereader format or as a PDF!)

Here is my books Facebook page:

Don’t forget to like the Facebook page and ask for a coupon code to download a copy for free! 25 ereader/downloadable copies available for free!

Here is one of the 26 short stories in the book. It is the story of a little boy whose parents became friends with Joseph and Mary. What would a young innocent child have seen looking at the baby Jesus?


My name is Isaac. I’m five years old, my papa owns one of the shops on Market Street. We live aboves the shop. Papa got a man to make new tables and things for his shop. Joseph – dats da guy – had a new baby. My mama took me to visit dem. My mama told me I had to be very quiet as we visited ‘em. She said they had a new baby and the new mama must be all tired. All babies need lots of sleep too.
When I walked into da stable where they were staying there was lots of people. There was da shepherds with all those sheep, Joshua, da innkeeper, and all his family and a whole lot of other strange people!
The strange people were mostly very big. Bigger than my daddy!! One of them was very small, lots smaller than me even! I’ve never seen people like them before. They all had the prettiest wings I’d ever see, even da little one! The little one was sitting on the manger softly singing to the baby. The little one called me over to look at the baby! The baby was so beautiful! He smiled at me when I tickled His chin!
I tried to show mama all the people in the stable, but she could not see ‘em. She kept telling me to be quiet and to stop being silly and making up stories.
As the boy got bigger we played together! He was real fun! He could talk to the animals and they would do what He said. Even our big nasty cat liked Him. It scratched everyone but Him! He always had a lot of those strange people around Him. I like Nahem, the littlest of His friends the best. Nahem sang the prettiest songs and told the funniest stories! Nahem would even play games with us. I miss playing with Jesus and His friends.
My mama still says that I need to stop telling make believe stories about seeing those strange people. She does not believe I have seen them around Him. But I know I saw ‘em! Nahem told me who “HE” is. Do you want to know who He is?

©Copyrighted Material By Carolyn Hoagland 1995

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