Wednesday, September 4, 2013

3 Years of Pranking!

3 Years of Pranking!

Today is 3 years to the day of my very first Pixie Pranking post! I want to thank those that encouraged me to start my blog. I want to thank those that encouraged me to continue when I was thinking of stopping in early 2011. I want to thank for spreading my blog out and giving it exposure. Most of all I want to thank you, my readers.

Why do I write? Because you read it! (Yes, YOU personally!!) I hope that what I’ve shared over the past 3 years has been informative, insightful, fun and helpful. I hope the tips I’ve shared have helped even one person with a disability realize they can enjoy a Disney Vacation and shown them how to navigate the parks or cruise. I pray that some of my information has added a little Pixie Dust to your vacations and make them more fun. If I can share one little bit of information that helps just one person I’ve done my job.

Thank you for sharing Pixie Pranks with your friends and family. As long as the views keep going and growing I will continue to write and share information I find. It is my hope to expand my writing and get Press Passes to Disney events so I can share more in-depth firsthand information in the coming year or two. I also hope to be able to build connections to do interviews with Disney Luminaries in the near future.

As always if you have a question or a subject you would like to hear about PLEASE let me know and I will see what I can find out for you. Some topics (for those that asked I’m sorry about being unable to find info on the Penny Presses) it is difficult to find some information.

I strive to verify my information and only get information from trusted sites and people.

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