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A Half Hour Chat with David Bossert

A Half Hour Chat with David Bossert

After reading and reviewing David Bossert’s book, Roy E. Disney: Memories and Photos of a Storied Life I had the distinct pleasure of a half hour phone call interview with him. I expected this to be a conference call with other Disney bloggers and Disney Fan sites on the line. I HOPED to get one question asked. Instead I was the only person on the call with David! When I found out I was to be the only one interviewing David at this time I was surprised and yes a little nervous.

Here is what I came away with from my half hour chat with David Bossert.

PP:       Thank you David for sharing your Memories and Photos of Roy E. Disney.
David:  You’re welcome. People are telling me it is an easy read.

PP:       How did you get involved with Disney?
David:  While still going to Massapeque High School I knew I wanted to be involved in art. After I graduated High School I went to a local art collage. Then I heard about CalArts in Valencia and the Animation program there started by Walt Disney. I applied for a Disney Scholarship and received it. After graduating I worked at a small animation studio doing special effects for 8 months. Then a friend of mine called me and said the Disney Studio was looking for special effects animators. So I applied and started working on the Black Caldron on special effects.

PP:       Why do you feel it is so important to write a book about Roy E Disney?
David:  Nothing had been written about Roy E. Disney and how he saved the company. I was talking to my friend, Don Hanh about the lack of a book about Roy E. and he encouraged me to write the book. I call myself an accidental author. I never planned on writing a book. Now I have several other books in the works.
            I also wanted to give back to Roy E. As stated in my book I had a Disney Scholarship and from the first time I met Roy I did my best to pay back. I felt I owed it to him and the Disney family.

PP:       What was the most interesting project you worked on with Roy E?
David:  “Destino” was the most interesting project. (Destino was started by Walt Disney and Salvador Dali in 1945.) John Hench originally worked on the project. John Hench was in his 90’s and he came in and helped us to complete the film the way it was originally intended to be made. It was nominated for an Oscar and I got to go to the Oscar’s with Roy E. Disney.

PP:       You mentioned in your book that you and Roy E. shared a love of sailing. What made that topic so special to both of you?
David:  As I said in the book I’m a day sailor. I enjoy being out on a sail boat for a day in calm seas. Roy on the other hand loved to race. He loved to be in strong winds and being keeled over. He could share his enjoyment of sailing with me because I understood the language. I knew what he meant when he said he tacked or that he put up a particular sail. We understood each other when we talked about sailing where other people did not understand the language.

PP:       I noticed when I read the book you handled privet matters in a sensitive manor. You gave just enough to let the reader know there was a problem but never went into details. Thank you!
David:  We all have things that are privet. Some of the family was concerned about how I would cover things like the divide be Walt and Roy O.’s families and Roy E.’s divorce and second marriage. Some things are nobody’s business and I wished to respect Roy E. and the entire Disney Family. As stated in my book Diane Miller Disney and Roy E. did start communicating and things healed some.

Thank you David Bossert for taking the time to talk to me. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. I wish to thank Laura at Disney PR for getting the book to me to review and setting up this interview.

Again I say get the book Roy E. Disney: Memories and Photos of a Storied Life by David. It is an AMAZING read. It is an easy read and is more like a scrapbook with extensive captions to the photos. Sometimes the words paint the picture for you.

David asked me to say that if you read his book please review it. Let people know how you like it.

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