Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Favorite Time of the Year

My Favorite Time of the Year

My favorite time of year is coming!! The holiday season at Disney Parks is especially magical! The lights, decorations, foods and entertainment is just amazing!

Starting in mid to late September things start to change around the parks. At all Disney Parks pumpkins start showing up and characters change into their Halloween costumes. Entertainment takes on a kookier and spookier feel. The parks are decked in black, brown and orange.

Things are even a little more interesting at Disneyland where Space Mountain is taken over by a Ghostly Monster and becomes Ghost Galaxy and Jack Skellington sends the 999 grim and grinning ghosts on a holiday and takes over the Haunted Mansion. Jack decorates the Haunted Mansion inside and out and sets it up for a holiday bash, both Halloween and Christmas crash!!!

The Ghost Galaxy monster will be evicted after Halloween and the ride will be returned to its normal Space Mountain. Jack Skellington and the crew from Halloween Town will vacate the Haunted Mansion the first weekend in January and the Grim and Grinning Ghosts will return the end of January early February.

Other amusement parks (that shall remain nameless) have frightful Halloween events with monsters and ghouls running amuck. Disney parks have a Not So Spooky feel with classic Disney characters dressed in Halloween outfits. This is a great alternative for the little kids or the bigger ones (including me) that go for the kooky not the spooky.

Even now the parks are getting ready for the Christmas! Snow will soon start showing on the Castles turret roofs. Lights will begin to be added to the snow effect to make it glow during the Christmas Season. WDW is stringing the Osborn Family Christmas Lights and getting ready for Mickey’s Christmas Party. At Disneyland It’s a Small World will become It’s a Small World Holiday with a fantastic Holiday Overlay.

As soon as Halloween is over Christmas decorations will start to go up throughout the parks. Trees will be placed and made to sparkle. Music will be changed to enhance the season. Just a walk down Main Street, Buena Vista Street or any area of any Disney Park is magical during the Holiday Season.

This is my FAVORITE time of year to be at the parks. I enjoy the sights, smells, sounds and ride enhancements. I will go as many times as possible during the holidays.

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