Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Disney Can't Fix What They Don't Know is Broke!

Disney Can’t Fix What They Don’t Know is Broke!

I’ve seen a couple of reviews of the Disney Magic’s first cruise after her Re-Imagining. Now I was not lucky enough to go on this 2 day to nowhere in particular cruise so let me share what I’ve heard.

There have been glowing reviews of the changes made on the pool deck with the addition of the new AquaDunk, new slide and pools along with changes to the restaurant there from Topsiders to Cabanas. The new lounge area has gotten rave reviews as well for theming and fun. The re-theming of Parrot’s Cay to Carioca’s has been praised with people liking the new menu. The Kids Clubs have also been praised and reports say kids are really enjoying the new adventures to be had there. Even the shops had good reviews with the exception of stating that there seemed to be a lack of items. Stock did not seem to arrive in time even with the delay in the first sailing.

The fact that at the Port of Miami you enter the ship through Deck 4 instead of the usual Atrium Lobby of Deck 3 was an issue. Seems the Deck 4 entry area shows rust and was dirty. This was shocking to past cruisers that were used to being wowed when they came onto the ship.

Public areas not on the list of things changed, such as the Promenade Lounge have been reported to be in bad repair, faded and even ripped seating etc. . . Seems the entire ship did not get a good looking over.

Disney said that the staterooms were re-imagined during the dry dock. Carpets and some furniture was changed as was the linen. Some people reported a layer of construction dust on all surfaces in their cabin and in their closet along with missing handles on new night stands. It was stated if you had electricity, working toilet, hot water and A/C you were lucky. Some cabins had 1 or more of the above not working! There are pictures showing that a cabins Navigator Veranda was in very bad repair. It had obviously not been stripped and repainted, wood on the veranda was rotten and things were missing!

This is all shocking to hear about a Disney Cruise Ship! Now I’ve heard from people that sailed on the new ships that there have been issues there as well, mostly problems with service and un-Disney type attitudes from crew.

So what should you do when you have a bad experience either on a Disney Cruise or at a Disney Park? My response and experience says report it to Disney! Here are the steps!

·        Understand that any company, including Disney cannot fix what they don’t know is broken! Tell them what happened! If it is not life threatening stay calm and figure they just missed it and you are helping them.

·        Try to solve the problem when it happens. Report it to the people in charge of the area and if that does not does not get a satisfactory response go above that level. Go to Guest Relations if needed.

·        If not satisfied with Guest Relations response, once you leave call and write a letter to the Cruise Line (or park) discussing your concerns. Kept it clear and as free of emotions as you can. State what happened and how you feel it could be fixed. Tell them how it affected your time there.

·        Understand many problems can’t be fixed “overnight”, things take time!

·        Disney Company requires that each letter or email they receive be read and responded to. So WRITE your concerns down!

I have followed these steps and have gotten good results. I’ve seen policies changed after I’ve written a letter. I’m not saying it was “My Letter” that made the difference. My letter along with others let Disney know there was a problem that needed to be fixed. Disney let me know they were appreciative of me letting them know about my concerns.

If you call and write it has more affect than just doing one or the other. If you only have time to do one, write a letter. A written complaint has more weight than just a phone call.

Don’t sit back and think, “Someone has already told Disney about that problem.” or “Disney will not listen to me.” Most people do not step up and report a problem. If more than one person reports a problem it is more likely to get attention and that attention will come quicker. Mostly I want to say Disney does listen! You may need to write several letters but do try! At least you know you did the right thing reporting the problem!

Here is a link to a blog that has a good balanced review of the Magic’s sailing:

Here is a link to where you can contact Disney Cruise Line:

You will find “Contact Us” links at the bottom of the site for every Disney Park that takes you to a link like the one above.

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