Friday, October 4, 2013

MarvelOneShot Agent Carter (on Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray/DVD)

MarvelOneShot Agent Carter
Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray Combo Pack

I recently purchased our copy of Iron Man 3 as a 3D/BluRay Combo Pack with DVD and Digital Download. I must say I enjoy it! I am a huge Marvel fan and I knew this was something I was going to get when I saw the movie in the theater.

After enjoying the movie again, in the comfort of my own home I checked out the Bonus Features. Included in the list of extras was MarvelOneShot Agent Carter. This picks up not to long after the Captain America movie ended and Captain America dies/disappears. The story takes place in the post WWII era of the late 1940’s.

The show starts in a dusty, desk filled office. There are rows of office desks in perfect straight lines. A klaxon sounds and all the occupants of the desks jump up to stand at attention next to the desks. You see the room is filled with men and only one woman, Agent Peggy Carter, Girlfriend of Captain America (played by Hayley Atwell) is there. A man answers a phone and a distorted voice gives directions. Several men are picked to go out and deal with the emergency and everybody else goes back to their desk. The woman sits down obviously disappointed she was not picked for whatever mission was assigned. You get the feeling right away that this is normal. She is not picked simply because she is a woman.

It does not take long to realize that this is the beginning of SHIELD and it is an all-boys club with no girls allowed or welcomed. You also see that Agent Carter refuses to be limited by her “sex” or what others think she should be doing or not doing. She takes an opportunity to prove herself and completes a mission by herself. Her boss is not happy but she stands her ground.

I’ll not tell you more because I don’t want you to miss this wonderful MarvelOneShot short that is a worthy Bonus Feature to Iron Man 3. I don’t want to give out too many spoilers.I believe this short has the potential of being the basis of a full length feature movie or even a TV series. Internet rumor says it is going to be a TV series. I can see it doing well as either. I think Marvel/Disney has hit upon a great way to check the fans to see if a show would be welcomed!

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