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Walt Disney's Carolwood Barn

Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn

In yesterday’s post I mentioned Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn. I just covered one small project the Carolwood Foundation is working on at this time, The Small Worlds of Walt and the restoration of the original Cinderella’s French Village.

Walt’s Carolwood Barn was a scaled down version of the barn on the farm where he grew up in Marceline, Mo. It has more windows than the original barn but in most ways looks like his childhood play place. Walt had it built in his backyard in his Holmby Hills, Ca. as a workshop for his backyard small scale (1/8th scale) trains.

In 1998 the Disney Family sold the Holmby Hills estate. The house was demolished due to extensive use of asbestos in the building of the home. The barn was to be demolished by the new owner as well to make way for a larger mansion on the property. Diane Disney Miller and family purchased the barn from the new owner and donated it to the Los Angeles Live Steamer’s, a small scale train club Walt had been a part of.

The barn was carefully dismantled and reassembled at the Los Angeles Live Steamer Museum in Griffith Park, around the corner from Travel Town and the Merry-Go-Round where Walt took his daughter to play on Daddy’s Day every week.

The Carolwood Foundation was created to restore and maintain the barn and items inside. The volunteers are knowledgably about the barn, Walt the man, Disneyland, Disneyland Railroad History, Ward Kimble and Ollie Johnson.

The Carolwood Foundation has acquired many items of note that belonged to Walt Disney, Disneyland, Ward Kimble and Ollie Johnson. They work hard to maintain and display them sharing the rich history of each item with anybody who asks.

The Carolwood Foundation has almost completed restoring the Disneyland Retlaw (Walter spelled backward) 106 Combine Train Car. They have developed relationships with Walt Disney Imagineering and have received help manufacturing parts, such as light fixtures that needed to be replaced. There are also original props in the cargo compartment. Pictures of the car as it was when first put into service at Disneyland were used as reference in the restoration.

Carolwood Foundation opens Walt’s Barn to the public the 3rd Sunday of every month and all are welcome to come. There is no entry fee but any donation is welcome. They also have special “movie nights” where they show movies on the side of the barn.

You can find out more about and connect to Walt’s Barn, The Carolwood Foundation and The Los Angeles Live Steamers at the following links.

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