Friday, October 25, 2013

Avatarland at Disney Animal Kingdom

Avatarland at Disney Animal Kingdom 

It was announced sometime back that Disney had teamed up with James Cameron to bring Avatar alive in the Disney Animal Kingdom Park. New technology has been created to bring this new land alive.

Here is what was reported in the Disney Parks Blog and video shown at the D23 in Japan, October 14, 2013.

"Over the weekend, Tom Staggs wowed the crowd at the first-ever D23 Expo in Japan with an early glimpse of what’s planned for AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. He shared some breathtaking concept renderings of floating mountains, bioluminescent plants and other awe-inspiring experiences guests will encounter in the mythical world of Pandora.

Also at the D23 Expo Japan, Tom shared video of filmmaker James Cameron and Walt Disney Imagineer Joe Rhode highlighting the creative work already underway on the project. Joe said when the AVATAR-inspired land is completed, it’ll be a transformational experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Today, we wanted to share the entire video with Disney Parks Blog readers."

And now I’m sharing it with you:

Personally I will not go to Avatarland. Yes, I did see and “enjoy” the movie.

I’m not interested in it as part of Disney. I do not think it fits in the Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom has real animals and creatures from history as a base of its attraction. It is not a park designed for fantasy, it is designed to educate you to the nature of OUR world not the fake world of Pandora.

I could think of many other more interesting things to put into the space they are dedicating to Avatarland. How about a creatures of legends area? Show the real animals that may have been the base of the legend. What about adding attractions that have the Disney dragons in them? Fly with Maleficent’s Dragon, have an adventure with Mushu and Mulan or a wizard fight with Mad Madam Mim to add to the fantasy side. How would the Disney Dragons fit? It could be tied in by showing the flying lizards that were found in Indonesia in recent years.

Check out what WiKi has to say about these types of creatures:

What a way to teach people about our fantastic world and the creatures here! What a fun way to let kids know that people’s imaginations have been spurred by the creatures they see around them.

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