Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Disney Cruise Addiction

The Disney Cruise Addiction

Many first time Disney Cruisers are caught unaware just how addictive cruising with the Disney Cruise Line is. What is so addicting about the Disney Cruise Line?

·        Let’s start with the obvious, Disney Service. Just like the service at Disney Parks is above other amusement parks the service on the Disney Cruise Ships is a cut above the rest.

·        Attention to detail is high on the Disney Ships. Not only do they pay attention to the cleanliness and repair of all areas of the ship they pay attention to the little stuff. Things like knowing you like your meat medium rare not well done. Not minding that you would like some extra Navigators to take home and leaving a couple of extras in your cabin. Seeing you need help taking your lunch outside from the restaurant topside and just stepping up to help.

·        Family Friendly entertainment abounds. Broadway caliber shows with Disney Characters to entertain you and your children. Adult after hours entertainment in the lounges, adult only restaurants for a small extra fee and lounges that are available for viewing sports and getting an adult drink all day.

·        Separate areas of the ships for children, teens, families and adults. From the Kids and Teen Clubs, pools for little kids, families and adults only, lounges for the adults, and entertainment designed for each age group as well as families to enjoy together.

·        Free use of things like Wave Phones to keep in touch with your family and friends on the ship.

·        Free soda all the time from the soda fountain next to the pool and with your meals in the restaurants.

·        Free room service. Most of the food delivered to your room is free. Some items cost.

·        No matter where you walk around the ship the crew asks how you are doing and if you need anything.

·        The treatment from the ship continues on Disney privet island, Castaway Cay. Areas with counselors for the kids, a beach for the teens with extreme sports, family beach with snorkeling and other fun, great food and a beach just for the adults.

With all of this it is easy to see how people become addicted to Disney Cruising!

Do you want to risk becoming addicted? You can go to the Disney Cruise website and book or call your favorite travel agent. Need help planning a Disney Cruise? I can help you plan a cruise, just send me an email.

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